What’s special in Cai Rong Port?


The beauty of Halong Bay is like a magnet with the magic charm for visitors. It seems that all the most interesting and beautiful things from nature are given to this land. Come to Halong, tourists will be immersed in the beautiful nature.

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Halong Bay, with its many islands, ecological forests and seaports, has a strong attraction to visitors not only because of its magnificent beauty, but also because of its elegance, glamor and charm. Come to Halong, visitors should not miss the opportunity to visit Cai Rong Port – a crowded sea port, bustling with unspoiled landscape that promises to bring visitors unforgettable experience.

1. Introduction to Cai Rong Port.

Cai Rong Port is located in Cai Rong Town, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province. Cai Rong town has an area of about 8.8 km2, the population is about 30,000 people. Cai Rong Town has Cai Rong Port located in Halong Bay – a natural heritage of the world. It is a bustling and crowded seaport with many boats, ships going around all day and night.

Cai Rong Port is the economic, political and cultural gateway of Van Don Economic Zone with neighboring provinces and the world. In addition, Cai Rong Port with the archeology of more than 600 undulating islands on the sea with diverse ecosystem and wild beaches have the strength to develop tourism. Cai Rong Port is an ideal destination for young people who love to explore and enjoy marine life.

Cai Rong Port via Mapio.net

2. Means of transportation to Cai Rong Port

Travel by car

Hanoi – Cai Rong port passenger car departs at 7 a.m every Friday at 629 Kim Ma street at the price of 160,000 VND per person.

Hanoi – Cam Pha, Cua Ong bus departs from My Dinh bus station and Luong Yen bus station. Ticket price is about 100,000 – 120,000 VND / person.

The best car companies are Hoang Long and Kumho Viet Thanh. The last stop is Van Don fork. Here, you take the bus (or taxi) to Cai Rong Port. The bus price is 5,000 VND / person.

By bus, drop off at Van Don Post Office, about 1.5km from Cai Rong Port. From here, you can go by taxi or walk to Cai Rong Port. Motorbike taxi from Van Don post office to Cai Rong Port price ranges 7,000 – 10,000 VND / person. Guests should pay attention to bargain before going to avoid scams.

Travel by motorbike

Tourists can choose to travel to Cai Rong Port by motorbike, more saving and convenient. You can also have interesting experience while traveling on the road. From Hanoi, there are many different roads leading to Cai Rong, but the most popular are Bac Ninh and Highway 5 (Hanoi – Hai Phong).

3. Visiting Cai Rong Port

Cai Rong Port is a pristine “paradise” with islands undulating on the sea and flat white sand beaches, located in the heart of the peaceful and romantic Halong Bay. The islands are like hidden, looming in the romantic mist, visitors easily catch the calm scene of the harbor with nearly 150 raft houses and many boats anchored.

Enjoying the dawn on Cai Rong Port, visitors will be quickly immersed in a peaceful, romantic feeling when the gentle sunshine is pouring warmth to the entire port area. The green of the island with the blue color of the sea creates the magic charm for the white sand shore.

Seafood in Cai Rong Port via QTV

Far away are the fishing boats together back to the port after the sea trip. In the boat decks with full of fish and shrimp, visitors easily catch the bright smiles and the joyful eyes of the fishermen after the bumper trip. On the wharf, there are busy buyers and sellers, reminding visitors about a peaceful life, filled with joy and smile.

Located in the relics of Halong Bay, Cai Rong Port still retain the wild beauty, the wonder of nature. From the harbor, tourists easily hire the boat to travel, explore the port area. On the boat quietly drifting in peace, visitors will be delighted with fun, admire the clear waters and beautiful ecosystems. The colorful coral reefs, brilliant marine life make visitors so passionate and fascinated that forget the notion of time. The silver waves that connect each other to the blue sea change colors continuously, sometimes blue in the early dawn of the sun, sometimes the light green of the island on the surface of the sea, sometimes gold in the sunset, bright as a carpet of jade.

Cai Rong Port is a best place of shrimp, fish and seafood. Coming to this place, visitors not only relax in the peaceful moments, enjoy the fresh air of the sea, drop the soul adventure on the boat but also be in harmony of simple live, rustic fishermen and enjoy the delicious food made from seafood, bold flavor of the sea.

The best time to visit and explore Cai Rong Port is April and May. The weather is mild, fresh, cool and no rain, convenient for travelers to visit, enjoy the experience of exploring the diverse ecosystem and immerse in the life of fishermen on the harbor.

Cai Rong Port is not only a major transportation gate of Quang Ninh but also an attractive tourist destination with wild landscape and diverse ecosystems. Come to Halong, visitors should not forget to visit Cai Rong Port for moments of peace, relaxation in the wonderful trip.

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