Visit green islands in Quang Ninh


Owning nearly 2000 small and large islands, Quang Ninh is an ideal destination for those who plan to travel this summer. In addition to the famous islands such as Co To, Quan Lan, Cai Chien, .. Quang Ninh has many beautiful islands that have not been discovered, you know how many of these islands?

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1. Co To Island

The most prominent of this summer is probably Co To island – the Pearl Island of the Northeast. Co To has many beautiful beaches with calm and almost blue waves all year round: Bac Van, Hong Van, Van Chay, Cau My rock reef, Love Road, Co To lighthouse.

Hong Van is the most tranquil and idyllic beach in Co To. Hong Van beach is really suitable for couples, quiet but beautiful. Blue sea, white sand and walking on the white sand layer, Hong Van will make the love of the couples closer.

Co To increasingly attracts tourists by its pristine beauty, sprawling white sand beaches and rich seafood cuisine. A solo trip to Co To costs about 2.4 – 2.6 million VND, not too cheap compared to a tour. So if you want a leisure trip, you should consider choosing whether to travel solo or take a tour to ensure a break in the journey without having to spend the cost for each one.

2. Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan is an island on Bai Tu Long Bay in the North of Vietnam. The area is only 11 km2 and about 7000 inhabitants, but in recent years, Quan Lan island has been developing adventure and leisure tourism thanks to the beauty of the sea and the bay. Bring a romantic and folk beauty, certainly Quan Lan will be a promising destination for this summer for you and your loved ones.

Quan Lan island via iTravel Channel

Not only the white sand and blue sea attract tourists, Quan Lan Island also converge full potentials of ideal spots to become a hot tourist destination this summer such as rich seafood resources, attractive architecture, culture, historical monuments, ancient temples.

Visit Quan Lan this summer to enjoy the atmosphere of the deserted sea water, the beauty of coastal coniferous forests and even try once with the people on the island to dug “sá sùng” (peanut-worm) and scuba diving to catch urchins. Certainly Quan Lan will make you memorable memories this summer.

3. Cai Chien Island

About 330 km from Hanoi, Cai Chien is a beautiful small island in the district of Hai Ha, Mong Cai city. Not as green as Co To island, but the wild look here will bring you a memorable experience this summer.

The island has an area of 2500 hectares, but most of it is hilly and beach, natural landscape is pristine. There is a beach about 2 km long with smooth white sand, clear sea water … The intact natural landscape is the attraction of Cai Chien island than other tourist area.

To get to this beautiful island, you have to move to Hai Ha port, about 40 – 50 km from the center of Mong Cai city by car or motorbike. If you ride a motorcycle you can send the car back at the port then take a boat or canoe or motor boat to Cai Chien island.

Cai Chien now has electricity and concrete roads so all activities on the island is not as difficult as before. At present, there are 3 beaches: Van Ca, Cai Chien beach and Dau Rong beach. Cai Chien and Dau Rong Beaches are the most popular places to visit because there are homestay, hiring tent and eating services. On the island there are only over 100 households living in the village. There are not many families doing the service and the moving is difficult so you should contact the people in the island to prepare for the services.

4. Vinh Thuc Island

A lesser known island in Quang Ninh province. When listening to the name “VA�nh Tha��c” almost every visitor is surprised because the island is quite wild and not many tourists discover or visit.

Vinh Thuc island via YouTube

Vinh Thuc Island is a wild place in the Mong Cai area. Not invested much and almost no services such as Quan Lan or Co To but the scenery, beaches or fishermen life here are very attractive.

Being a pristine place and no services, Vinh Thuc has no guesthouse. If you want to spend the night, you should contact the local houses or the nursery school on the island. The cost depends on your agreement, but certainly the price will be very cheap.

Vinh Thuc Island (Mong Cai city) is just a few kilometers of skyway to Sa VA� cape – where is the starting point to draw the letter S of Vietnam. Away from the crowded city, enjoying the peaceful summer on the pristine island of Vinh Thuc, checking in Sa Vi cape and Tra Co beach promise many interesting experience for this summer.

5. Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung Island is located in Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province, about 50 km from Van Don Pier, about 45 km2 in the area. Legend has said that this area had many rare pearl species, at night they were glowing as the sky, so the island was called Ngoc Vung.

Since the island is quite wild, tourist services have not been developed much so the system of guest houses and hotels on Ngoc Vung island is not much. Ngoc Vung Island promises to be the ideal destination for travel next year.

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