Visit flower villages in Hoanh Bo


For a long time, Hoanh Bo is known as the largest traditional flower growing area in Quang Ninh province. When the New Year and spring come, Hoanh Bo flower villages are again covered by colorful colors of the flowers blooming. Hoanh Bo flower village becomes the favorite destination of many visitors during the year-end holidays. Many flower growing areas in Le Loi commune and Troi town are included in tourist routes and destinations.

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Hoanh Bo – potential site of tourism

Nature has given Hoanh Bo the privilege of natural scenery that is truly extraordinary, majestic and poetic. Thien Son Mountain (Hoa Binh Commune) with the altitude of over 1000 m above sea level still hides the pristine caves with rich flora and fauna system. But Pass, Cloud waterfall, Dia mountain (Dong Son commune) are also magnificent and graceful attractions.

Hoanh Bo also has over 33,000 hectares of protective forest and special use forest, of which the most remarkable is 115 hectares of primary forest of Dong Son – Ky Thuong nature reserve where reserves many precious wild plants and animals. Along with that, the system of streams, lakes, waterfalls in the district is very rich and diverse with nearly 20 places such as Khe Muc waterfall, Thum Thum, Khe Doi, May … located in the communes: Tan Dan, Ky Thuong, Son Duong, Dong Lam, Hoa Binh, Dong Son. This is the potential, the advantage to develop the types of exploration, experience and adventure tourism. Hoanh Bo also has flower fields; flower villages are colorful and brilliant in four seasons across the district drawing a picture of harmonious nature that attracts many tourists to this flower land.

Hoanh Bo orchids via

Besides the advantages of natural beauty, Hoanh Bo has 39 historical, cultural and scenic spots in the list of protected areas. In particular, the mountainous population of Man mountain has been ranked as a national monument; The relics of Yen My Pagoda, Le Thai To King Temple, Son Duong revolutionary base … are ranked at the provincial level. The mountainous areas where ethnic minorities live in the district such as Dao Thanh Y village in Bang Ca commune or Dao Thanh Phan village in Dong Son – Ky Thuong nature reserve still preserves from the precious traditional intangible culture from the house, clothing, lifestyle … to the traditional rituals. These precious “living material” can both serve the work of collecting and preserving the traditional culture of the nation, and develop into unique tourism products that no local in the province has.

Hoanh Bo – beautiful flower villages

According to the local people, Dong Che in Troi town is the largest flower growing place of Hoanh Bo district. This is also the place where the flower growing of the district begins. Dong Che flower growing spreads to other areas such as Le Loi, Thong Nhat … Now in Zone 5 in Dong Che, flowers are planted almost all agricultural land. The flowers are grown here as gladiolus, gerbera, chrysanthemums, lily, orchids … If before, flowers are grown by the season, now there are some farms have flowers in the off-season, there are places to exhibiting own products. The flower fields are the most colorful in the end of the year.

Quang La Flower Paradise via Bao Quang Ninh

Not only be famous for the traditional flower villages in Troi, Le Loi, coming to Hoanh Bo at the end of the year, tourists can visit the centers of high-tech flowers by a number of businesses investing with many types of precious orchids such as: Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, wild orchids etc.

Especially from the beginning of 2016 to now, visitors to Hoanh Bo can admire Quang La Flower Paradise. This is an ideal tourist destination for flower lovers, newly invested by Tinh Hoa green farm cooperative and opened in January 2016.

This ecotourism area is about 25 hectares with an ideal location, the natural scenery here is charming, with mountains, rivers, fresh air, making visitors feel exciting. At present, Quang La Flower Paradise possesses many kinds of flowers, including flower species bearing the characteristic regions are also planted here such as buckwheat, sunflowers, mustard flowers. The flowers here are planted into beds, according to each area, creating conditions for visitors to easily move and pose to have beautiful photos.

On sunny days, tourists, especially young people come here, admire flowers, save the beautiful pictures in the flower beds. Quang La Flower Paradise is located in two routes, 6 tourist spots in Hoanh Bo district recognized by the province.

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