Tra Co Beach – The mighty and poetic beauty


Come to Quang Ninh, people will think to Halong, Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, Co To Island, or Quan Lan. And it would be lacking if not to mention Tra Co – the beach is considered one of the most beautiful beach in the North.

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Located in the extreme northeast of the country, Tra Co is in Quang Ninh province, adjacent to the border of China, about 9 – 10 km from Mong Cai town and Mong Cai border gate. Tra Co is a long land running in the north-west direction. South-east side is overlooking the Gulf of Tonkin with long sand; Northwest side looks at the mainland. Vietnam record organization confirmed Tra Co as the longest beach in Vietnam, with a length of over 17 km, with an area of about 170 hectares. It is curved shape from Got cape in the north to Ngoc cape in the south. It can accommodate thousands of tourists to visit and bathing.

A tourist spot in the Halong tourism cluster, Tra Co beach is the outer edge of a natural accretion island due to the impact of waves and coastal currents. On the coastline, there are high sand dunes of 3-4 m, with villages and crowded population living mainly by farming and fishing. Next to the coastline is the cascade of forest to protect from wind and sand and close to the ecosystem of mangroves.

Tra Co beach

Direction to Tra Co

To get to Tra Co, you can take the road from Hanoi or have own means, then take the Highway 18, Hanoi – Hon Gai to Tien Yen and then take the road No. 4 to Mong Cai town to get to Tra Co beach. The road is though quite windy but beautiful and interesting. At present, the road to Tra Co beach has a system of dikes and roads extended to facilitate the trade.

If you choose a passenger car, you should choose bed car to stay overnight to Mong Cai to save time. In addition, the sea line is an interesting option with canoes or hydrofoils, departing from Bai Chay, Quang Ninh (about 132 km) or from Hai Phong (about 206 km). There are two trips each day, morning and afternoon, from Tra Co to Bai Chay, and one from Hai Phong to Tra Co. Hotels in Tra Co are also relatively plenty to choose.

The beauty of the longest beach in Vietnam

Dubbed as “the most poetic beach in Vietnam” and the only beach on the frontier, Tra Co annually attracts many tourists to visit and relax in holidays. Tra Co sea is not the same as what we have seen in Halong, Do Son or other beaches thanks to the smooth sand in the blue sea with the shape of the sea in the Central but there are mountains the far side of the North Sea. This unique blend has made Tra Co a romantic and poetic beauty.

Sa Vi via Thanh pho Mong Cai

Rarely there is a sea area, people feel a peaceful space, a natural integrity, harmony, simplicity with smooth white sand stretching, clear blue water and diversified mangrove ecosystems. Tra Co’s charm is not only for anyone who has come here, but also for the new listeners want to enjoy the gentle beauty of this wild, idyllic place.

Due to the distance from the cities, industrial zones, ports, Tra Co has a cool climate, ardent sea scent and calm space. Come here, you will enjoy the taste of the sea, immersed in the marvelous morning dawn, walking in the quiet afternoon sea breeze, drop the soul to watch the sunset without fear of noise sounds of the city, the chaos of bustle urban and will find the feeling of relaxation even in the hot days.

Another interesting thing when coming to Tra Co is that people have never seen the presence of “commercial beach”, shops, street vendors are very few. Enjoying fresh seafood is very simple, you can buy right on the beach when the fishing boat of fishermen comes back. Here you should try the dishes are processed from ‘sam’ or ‘cu ky’ – specialties in Tra Co, it has a very specific taste. Other seafood dishes are very attractive as shrimp , mantis shrimp, crab …

Tra Co attracts most tourists during the summer, it is also the occasion of the Tra Co Village Festival in early June of the lunar calendar. This is also one of the jubilant and largest festivals of coastal fishermen in the North, together with the joy of festivals next to the moments of peace, immerse souls in the sun and the wind.

In addition, in Mong Cai, you can see the beach, golf area, Tra Co Church, Ong Pagoda, Ba Pagoda, then out to the border belt, take photos with the milestone Sa Vi, enjoy some dishes are considered specialties of the city such as Tien Yen chicken, gat gu pancake, or if you like shopping, do not miss Mong Cai trade centre, always bustling traders with many rich and diverse items.

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