The ancient beauty of Tra Co beach


Tra Co is known as “the most poetic beach in Vietnam” – an intact beauty, harmony, simplicity with white sand stretching smoothly in the blue sea in four seasons. Due to the distance from Halong City, Tra Co has a fresh cool and quiet air, it is suitable for a relaxing tour and bathing.

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Being the head peninsula of Vietnam’s sea, the crescent-shaped Tra Co in Quang Ninh Province is 17 km long. Tra Co can be called the peninsula, also called the island because of the tide, the mainland connecting the island with the center of Mong Cai town is submerged into the water.

The natural beauty

Not far from the coast is high sand dunes of about 3 – 4 m, with casuarina forests to barrier winds, sand and nearby mangrove ecosystems have not been compromised. Although it has been exploited for nearly 10 years, Tra Co still retains its simplicity. Come here, you will find moments of peace, dreaming and spoiled soul in the sunlight and winds.

Near Tra Co has a place to welcome sunrise or sunset with extremely romantic feeling, it is Con Mang. Con Mang is about 6 km from Tra Co. The sand is so smooth that it is easy to ride a motorcycle on the beach without fear of slipping.

Located in the extreme northeastern part of the country with the border between Vietnam and China, in Quang Ninh Province, Tra Co is the outer edge of a natural accretion due to the impact of waves and coastal currents. The beauty here is not the same as what we have seen in Halong, Do Son or other beaches, by the smooth sand in the blue sea water as the Central Sea but there are mountains in the shape of the sea land in the North. The combination of the sea waters gives Tra Co a beautiful poetic appearance.

Tra Co beach via Du Lich Apro

Located 9 km from the center and not much impact of human, Tra Co has many beaches with the beauty of nature, stretching up to 17 km from Got cape in the north to Ngoc cape in the south. It can accommodate thousands of visitors to relax and bathe at the same time. Due to the distance from the city, the industrial park, the harbor, Tra Co has a cool climate, ardent sea scent and calm space. Come here, you will enjoy the taste of the sea, be immersed in the quiet afternoon, drop the soul to watch the sunset without fear of the noisy life, the chaos of bustling urban and will feel comfortable even on the hottest days.

In Tra Co, we have not seen the presence of “commercial beach”, very few shops, street vendors. If you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you can buy right on the beach when the fishing boat of fishermen comes back. It is very interesting that you can not have in every beach.

Standing in Sa Vi, about 6 km from the beach of Tra Co, you can take a trip to China. If you want to travel, shopping, you can go to Mong Cai town (about 12 km) to complete immigration procedures. Price for a trip to Dongxing – China is about 100,000 VND.

The ancient beauty

Around Tra Co beach, you can visit many tourist destinations such as Tra Co Church, Tra Co temple. In addition, if you come to Tra Co at the end of May or early June, you can also participate in the Tra Co temple festival – a cultural activity that is very attractive to tourists. Come to Tra Co once and you will not regret when you have to leave here. Running along the smooth white sand and clear blue water, Tra Co beach has many beautiful ancient architecture such as church, temple, Xuan Lan Pagoda …

Tra Co church via Panoramio

Tra Co is a worshiping place for Quan He (Nguyen Huu Cau), a leader of the peasantry revolutionary of the Le – Trinh period. The large temple, representative of the architecture of the village of Vietnam makes impression by elaborate and meticulous carvings.

The temple was built in 1462 on the area of 400 m. The most impressive is the seven-room worshiping house, inside with 48 large iron wood columns, higher than 4.5 m, perimeter of 1.5 m.

The roof is made of precious wood with delicate carving. The four heads are bent and attached the shapes of the dragon, the dragon curved pillars supporting the porch makes the house look great and bulky. The theme of decoration is very rich and varied, such as dragons, turtles, phoenix, tigers, patterns, clouds … All of them bear bold traditional culture of the Vietnamese.

In the temple, in addition to the paintings of the lacquer panels is the big door with the painting of fairy riding the dragon across the sea. Most of the worshiping things are made of bronze in large size, especially there are 2 wooden cranes over 1.5 m high and quite lively and dozens of elaborate carvings.

There are several hundred years old less than Tra Co temple, Xuan Lan Pagoda, Linh Khanh Pagoda, Nam Tho Pagoda is also very serious and beautiful. The ancient soul of Tra Co people is shown through the spacious campus with shady trees. Peaceful compassion on the face of the ancient statue suggests visitors admire the talents and soul of the artists in the past.

Besides the pure Vietnamese architecture, Tra Co also has a quite Western-style architecture. Tra Co church was built in the 1880s and was restored in 1995. The church is quite ancient, massive and architectural luxury with hundreds of reliefs with a bell nearly a hundred years old.

Only a few minutes away from the center of Mong Cai town, Tra Co has a vast quiet space. Surrounding communal house, mossy roof pagoda are high sandy dunes, peaceful fishing villages and a rich mangrove ecosystem.

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