Hot attractions near Halong


Quang Ninh is the most famous seaside city in the North with many beautiful islands and beaches that people love and arrive. Beside famous places such as Co To island or Halong Bay, there are some unspoiled islands that are unspoiled and peaceful. Today we will share with you experience the beautiful islands near Halong.

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Experience the beautiful island Vinh Thuc

Vinh Thuc island is a beautiful new island discovered in Quang Ninh. This is a pristine island, quite new, without the participation of human hands so much it retains the integrity of the wild nature of the sea and the scene brings a static and fresh feeling to tourists.

You are in need of relaxation in a peaceful place, separate from the noisy and bustling world, this is a perfect choice for travel to Vinh Thuc island in Quang Ninh. In addition, if you want to discover the new lands that still retain the natural beauty of the gifted nature, Vinh Thuc island is also a tourist destination you can not ignore.

Vinh Thuc island is an island located in the southern part of Mong Cai, Quang Ninh Province. An island with a large area of nearly 5000 hectares, this is a promising tourist destination with high economic and tourism potentials. From an uninhabited island, but recently, on the island has gradually been upgraded and improved by public works, roads, bridges, … creating the best conditions for you to travel to this pristine island.

Tourists to Vinh Thuc island via Ta Quan

However, the tourism of Vinh Thuc island has not been developed strongly, and it is also a name quite new to everyone so the travel services here are very limited. So you should take full initiative with the travel experience in Vinh Thuc island needed for this island tour. In addition, you also need to raise awareness of high environmental protection with commendable actions such as not littering indiscriminately, littering at the right place, cleaning the place after playing.

To move to Vinh Thuc island, you can go canoe from Mong Cai in about 10 minutes with a fare of 70,000 VND per turn. During the day there are only 4 trips from and to the island, so you need active in time and schedule so as not to miss the boat.

To discover the whole island of Vinh Thuc, you should rent yourself a motorbike to visit the natural beauty on the island with the purple sim trees and a long stretch of coastline. When you come to Vinh Thuc island, you should visit East beach (A?a?�u A?ông). This is considered the most beautiful beach on the island with 3 km long coastline with smooth white sand beaches, alternating with green casuarina trees, swinging in the sea breeze creating a beautiful sunshine paradise.

Enjoy weekends on Cai Chien island

Cai Chien island brings a wild beauty of nature by the smooth white sand next to the cool blue water and the green trees of the tropical forest. All becomes a favorite place for young people to experience and explore Cai Chien Island on the weekends.

Today, the trend of young people and office workers are always oriented to the weekend travel style to enjoy the best moments at a new stop to escape the crowded space of the city. It is known near the center of Hanoi, there are many ideal tourist destinations such as Tam Dao, Ba Vi National Park, Tram Mountain. However, because of the hot weather, the young people are aiming to blue sea, white sand, and sea wind. One of the new but cheap spots is Cai Chien island in Quang Ninh.

Cai Chien island via Tue Trung

Located 330 km away from Hanoi city center, Cai Chien island is a small island that has the same attraction as other big islands because of its great natural beauty. Hiding a wild beauty, Cai Chien island gives you a great experience with your friends.

Cai Chien Island has an area of a��a��up to 2500 ha, the terrain is mainly hills and beaches with many natural wild, rustic sites. With a long beach about 2 km, you can extremely enjoy on the blue water or lay on the white sand overlooking the beautiful sunset on the island.

To get to the island, you need to take a canoe or motor boat from Hai Ha port to move to Cai Chien island. At present, Cai Chien island is being invested in tourism development. On the island electricity was pulled and white concrete roads were completed making people travel on the island more easily. You can visit all three beaches on the island: Van Ca Beach, Cai Chien beach, and Dau Rong Beach. Often people choose Cai Chien beach and Dau Rong beach to relax in these two beaches with more accommodation services with homestay, renting tents, renting bikes, dining, … On the island there are only nearly 100 households, so you prepare the food for your all stay, or order the food from the people on the island before they prepare it. Seafood is indispensable when you come to Cai Chien.

With a beautiful container homestay, you only pay a cheap price for a double room with full air conditioning and a bathroom. If you do not want to spend the night in the air conditioned rooms but want to enjoy and close to the outside atmosphere, you can rent a camp for camping overnight and have fun with your friends. This will certainly be a wonderful island tour with a lot of new and exciting experiences with young people.

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