Explore hottest spots in Halong


Halong is a popular destination for tourists. However, many people think that to Halong Bay, you just can visit the grottoes and caves, it must be wrong. Halong now has countless cheap but interesting sites. With 1 million VND, you can confidently explore all the hot spots.

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1. Sun World Halong Park

Opening a long time but Halong Park is still the hot name in the summer. It is the largest theme park in South East Asia, consisting of various cable cars and attractive games. Halong Park, a place suitable for all ages from children to adults, is a suitable short-term amusement park for family or friends.

There are about 30 games of all kinds. From super adventurous, bringing the feeling of conquering like dragon speed roller coaster, raging rhinoceros, following the dragon footprint… The roller coaster of the park produced by B & M in limited numbers around the world, has the longest track of 1.1 km in Asia with 360 degrees of spin. To the games that are familiar and associated childhood such as magic wheel, fairy train, … Children can play exciting but parents also enjoy jubilantly when coming here.

Moreover, Sun World Halong Park has thousands of corners for the photographing team to check-in. The colorful corners or the brilliant red doors bring you back to childhood that has been forgotten. You will feel like lost into a tribal village with details of indigenous species or houses on trees.

Long Tien pagoda via Mytour

2. Long Tien Pagoda

Long Tien pagoda built in 1941 is the largest pagoda and a famous historical vestige in the tourist city of Halong. The pagoda is located at the foot of Bai Tho Mountain, near Halong Market, on the street also called Long Tien.

The pagoda has a unique architectural style as the style and sculpture of the Nguyen pagodas with decorative patterns of dragon, phoenix and flowers. At the top of the three-door, there is a Buddha statue in sitting posture, under is the steeple with prominent three words “Long Tien Tu” (Long Tien Pagoda). The two sides are a distich. The main shrine worships the Buddha, the right side is to worship the generals of the Tran, the left is the Holy Mother.

The pagoda is located in the heart of the city so it is very convenient for tourists to visit. Previously, Long Tien pagoda opened the festival on March 24th (lunar calendar). But now everyday is also the festive day. Tourists from Vietnam and foreign countries visit the pagoda, worshipers with offerings to the Buddha are bustling all day … but the largest festival is the full moon and the first day monthly and especially the Lunar New Year.

Quang Ninh Museum via Sdesign

3. Quang Ninh Museum

Referring to the museum, it may seem a little boring, but the Quang Ninh Museum will make you change that thought. From the outside it looks super cool. Quang Ninh Museum – Library is a unique architectural art idea derived from coal – a characteristic mineral of Quang Ninh. Have a chance to travel to Halong, should learn a little bit about this land right?

The main space of the museum consists of 3 floors, the most basic features and characteristics of Quang Ninh land in both space and time, from the past, from the mountain to the delta, the sea. From the beginning you will be overwhelmed by the model of sailboat and lively whale skeleton.

Besides, the order in the museum is also very scientific and sophisticated. From the light effects to the templates, visitors are more interested in exploring the museum. Especially there are super cool features such as helmets, shoes, … and more than, the angle on the picture is also “super virtual” for check-in lovers. Great point is the price of only 30,000 VND / adult, 10,000 VND / child and if you are a student, only 15,000 VND / person only.

Queen cable car via Bao Quang Ninh

4. Queen Cable Car and Sun Wheel

Hearing to the luxury names makes anyone desire to try these experiences. Queen cable car system with a capacity of 230 people connects Bai Chay beach to Ba Deo (Hon Gai, Halong city). This cable car has received two Guinness records including: Cabin has the largest capacity in the world, reaching 230 people / cabin and the cable car with the highest cable tower in the world, the T1 cable tower (Bai Chay Ward ) is 188.88 m high. Panoramic view of Halong from the cable car – Why not?

From the cabin of the Queen cable car, you will be watching green Cua Luc bay, white ships slowly floating in the bay. On the way to travel on the cabin, you will be watching the sea, the view of Halong Bay with the harmony beauty between wild landscape and modern features of Bai Chay, Halong.

Amusement Park is the arrival of the cable car, and the highlight of the impressive Sun Wheel is the playful spot you can not miss. Located on the top of Ba Deo Hill, the Sun Wheel has a height of 215 m above sea level.

The Sun Wheel has 64 cabins, each accommodating up to 6 passengers, and each rotation lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

The unique wax museum will make visitors extremely exciting, especially the young people will feel eager to meet their idols in many countries around the world with the close, authentic and lively wax statues.

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