Binh Lieu – Interesting spots you don’t know


Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh) attracts many young people to come to conquer the wild and wonderful “dinosaur spine”. However, this land has many interesting destinations that are lesser known.

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Binh Lieu People

Binh Lieu has long been described as “Little Sapa” of Quang Ninh. More than 100 km north-east of Halong City, Binh Lieu has no longer the salty taste of the sea breeze, instead it is rich mountainous terrain. This is the main residence of the ethnic minority community: Tay, Dao, San Chi, Hoa people. Therefore, with preferential nature, temperate climate, and beautiful landscape, Binh Lieu is a destination with more interesting things to explore. People in Binh Lieu always have a sense of preserving customs and cultural activities. Therefore, the cultural life here is almost intact and not mixed up.

Binh Lieu Charms

Binh Lieu has mountainous terrain covered with forests of anise, cinnamon and camellia oleifera, terraced fields, plateau creating a beautiful scenery layer. There are many beautiful natural attractions: Khe Van Waterfall, god rock reef in Cao Ba Lanh Mountain, Cao Xien Mountain … or the “dinosaur spine” at the famous 1305 border marker.

Khe Van waterfall via Di san Quang Ninh – blogger

With the diversity of terrain as well as the richness in the life of ethnic minorities here, Binh Lieu in each season, each time has its own beauty attracting visitors. If you come to Binh Lieu on spring days, do not miss the high-altitude “love market” on the Soong Co love singing festival (March 16th lunar calendar) or “Kieng gio” festival (April 4th lunar calendar). Not only that, this is also the time of blooming camellia oleifera, the buds spring from the winter cold mountain. At that time, Binh Lieu is just plain and dreaming in the cold wind still lingering on the slopes.

In the summer, only cool air of the high land is enough for visitors to choose to visit Binh Lieu. This is also the time when Khe Van, Khe Tien waterfalls or Mooc river are filled with water, terrace fields are in the harvest season.

Khe Van waterfall originates from Khe Van – Thong Chau mountain range with height of over 1000 m above sea level. The waterfall has 3 flows of water with a height of about 100 meters, pouring white between the trees and rocks. Khe Van waterfall with pristine protection forests, abundant vegetation is a place to visit and enjoy the natural scenery of forests and streams in cool atmosphere, creating a feeling of relaxation for each visitors to immerse themselves with nature and fresh air.

Khe Tien waterfall is also an attractive destination for tourists coming to Binh Lieu. The waterfall is formed from the waterways at the foot of the mountain, creating small streams that cascade into waterfall. Khe Tien waterfall is located among the pristine forests of Quang Nam Chau mountain, which is 1500 m above sea level. The waterfall is 749 m above sea level, the humidity is high and the waterfall is covered with thick fog all year round. The waterfall still looks wild and poetic. Folk says that Khe Tien waterfall has seven colored stones. So, when people come to the waterfall, people try to find the stones as a search for luck.

Binh Lieu in the rice crop via Bao Moi

In Binh Lieu, there are two rice crops in late July and October – December. The fields are covered with a natural green carpet, when they turn golden, they attracts the eyes of anyone. The outstanding points in the green forests are the colors of blooming flowers … Because travel services here are sparse that many travelers choose to experience their stay in the local houses. Young people also set up camp, hunting cloud and wind, immerse in vast prairie, green forest in the frontier. The experience in Binh Lieu is really peaceful, away from the bustle of the city.

Best time to visit

It can be said that Binh Lieu is most beautiful in winter. When the weather changes, Binh Lieu is in the last season of a year, the fields are covered by yellow color, the villages bustle with the celebration of new rice (C??m ma��i). Not only that, along the forests, the border lines become the white reed carpets. Visitors to Binh Lieu find themselves smaller under the forests and mountainside. Besides reed, camellia oleifera is also a feature of Binh Lieu mountain. The white petals spread out with the yellow pistil as representing the rustic and bold characteristics of the people on the remote border. Since 2015, Binh Lieu has decided to organize Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival, to create more new tourism products, attract tourists to explore this land, contributing to the development of tourism that is worthy of potentials in Binh Lieu.

Participating in the flower festival, visitors not only enjoy the flowers, but also enjoy the natural scenery of the mountains and forests; and experience in the cultural space of ethnic groups. At the festival, local will display traditional costumes; dances and singing of ethnic people or attend folk games, ethnic sports like “còn” throwing, pounding rice, pushing sticks, shooting crossbow …; enjoy the taste of unique dishes on the occasion of new rice: “ca��c mò” cake, sticky rice …

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