Binh Lieu in autumn: Poetic beauty of Mooc River village


Binh Lieu is beautiful in every season, each season has its own beauty, but to Binh Lieu in the fall, you can not ignore the rice terraced fields, the vast soft reed hills. Looking down from above, the whole area is covered by a white color.

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Binh Lieu beauty in the autumn

Reed flowers are most beautiful in the late autumn and the early winter, the most concentrated area of this plant is the border patrol road in the west of Binh Lieu running toward Lang Son. The road is 700 meters above sea level, winding through the majestic green hills. This is the ideal place for sightseeing and preserving beautiful moments in the region when you come to Binh Lieu. At this point, you can conquer the milestone 1300 or 1305 – located at the highest peak of Binh Lieu district. And from here, you can take a breathtaking view of nature with its meandering reed fields and feel very small in the vastness of the sky.

Arriving Binh Lieu in the autumn, visitors can enjoy the cool air in early morning and at night of Binh Lieu highlands, visit the Khe Van waterfall. In the fall, Khe Van waterfall carries a very personal beauty, different from other seasons of the year. If in the rainy season, the flow of water pours down the foot of the rock to create a fanciful white mist. In the autumn, the water flows mildly and tenderly as the smooth tones of Soong Co songs of the San Chi ethnic group (Binh Lieu) merged with the tranquil natural beauty.

Binh Lieu via 5S Travel

Besides the terraced fields, the blossom white reed hills, you can conquer the peak of majestic Cao Ba Lanh mountain that is higher than 1,000 meters above sea level. At the top of the Cao Ba Lanh mountain range, you can observe the whole area of Phai Lau, Mooc, Khe Tien, Cam Hac, Phat Chi, Khu Cho, Dong Thang, Dong Van and the area of Trang Nhi, Na Kep in China.

Mooc River village  – Little Sapa

Located in the middle of the mountain, Mooc River village in Dong Van commune (Binh Lieu district) is surrounded by high mountains, clouds, rice terraces in a golden color, far away are ancient houses and gentle waterfalls … This beautiful, tranquil, unspoiled landscape is popular with visitors like “Little Sapa” of Binh Lieu uplands.

Mooc River village has a natural area of over 375 hectares. Of which, the area of agricultural land is 69 hectares. Located at the altitude of over 1000 m, the whole village is located on the slopes of Phieng Che-Cao Ba Lanh mountain system. Therefore, the Mooc River has a distinctly high altitude, the lowest of which is only 300 m above sea level, but the highest point is over 700 m above sea level.

This feature has created a village nestled among mountains with poetic and beautiful features of Binh Lieu highland. With the above characteristics, the land here is mainly terraced fields in succession.

Mooc River village via Quang Ninh News

Therefore, when coming to the Mooc River, visitors will be surprised by the scenery of the wild, clean mountain villages, especially the terraced fields that are up and down as the golden carpets. Alternating is the green of the jungle, the ancient roof, the mist, the white clouds covering almost all year round. Perhaps the most beautiful is when the harvest comes, rice is maturity, the village as a multi-color picture. Another interesting point is that the inhabitants of the Mooc River are purely Dao people, living in 2 villages, namely Mooc River A and B. Not only preserving much traditional culture, strong ethnic identity, people here are very gentle, honest and hospitable.

Another site that attracts visitors is the Mooc River waterfall with an area of about 3 hectares. The waterfall is wild, cool, with cascades higher than 10 m from the jungle dangling around the village. It is interesting when visitors wander between irrigation ditches, golden rice terraces … to explore this unique waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall is a system of rocks more than 400 m2 with large rocks creating a majestic large space.

Mooc River is a destination for investment in tourism development. Although it is a remote village, it is not difficult to reach Mooc River village by convenient transportation. The village is about 30 km from the center of Binh Lieu town. The village is also full investment in electricity, roads, schools, communication systems … Have a chance to Binh Lieu, try a discovery and experience the beauty of this river.

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