Tourism potential of Cai Chien island


As an island commune of Hai Ha district, Cai Chien has many advantages to develop tourism. However, how to awake the tourist potential of this place become an attractive destination on the tourist map of Quang Ninh, Cai Chien has a lot of work to do.

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Romantic island for tourists

Anyone who landed on Cai Chien Island could not forget the beautiful, romantic beach of this island. The scenery varies from season to season, each season has its own charm. Especially in the summer, the two sides of the concrete road winding around the island are green rice fields, the extremely poetic hills with many kinds of wild flowers, including rosemyrtle flowers, purple sea bindweed on a roadside strip. Cai Chien still retain the inherent natural beauty, fresh climate, quiet space with native forests on the island, flora and fauna diversity and abundance, especially the sandy coast, clear water. That is the great potential for Cai Chien island to develop this type of ecotourism on the island.

Currently, there are many beautiful beaches in Cai Chien commune, but there are 3 beaches that can be developed bathing tourism activities such as Cai Chien beach, Vung Bau beach and Dau Rong beach. Each sandy beach has a different beauty, in which, Dau Rong beach located on the east of the island, perhaps is more beautiful with more than 2 km long sand beach and gentle clear blue sea water. Along the coast is a straight casuarina range embracing the sand beach. On the top of Dau Rong beach is a small walk side along the coast, which stretches over one kilometer. Inside the casuarina forest, visitors can have a relaxing hammock listening to the sound of the waves, the birds singing… Not only having the natural beauty of wild, beautiful beaches, cuisine here is filled with fresh seafood exploited from the sea. People on the island are very friendly and hospitable, they are ready to guide visitors fishing, squid fishing, catching snails … so that visitors have an unforgettable experience when coming to the island.

Dau Rong beach via Bao Lao dong

In order to create favorable conditions for tourism development in Cai Chien, after the authorities have conducted the survey on tourism potentials of the island, on April 12th, the Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1116 / QD-UBND recognized two routes and 3 tourist sites in Hai Ha district. According to this, Cai Chien is one of the three tourist sites of the district, along with Tran Hung Dao temple – Hai Ha pagoda (Phu Hai commune) and Bac Phong Sinh border gate (Quang Duc commune).

Large challenges for developing tourism

Potential is so much but to exploit tourism, Cai Chien has a lot of work to do. Although at the end of April, Cai Chien island commune has a national electricity network, but the infrastructure, boat landing, roads are still difficult to travel. Travel here is only spontaneous, the number of tourists to the island mainly in summer holidays and weekends. Tourist services are poor, there are about 30 guest rooms in homestays, 2 cars, 1 electric car, 4 canoes to transport visitors to the island. Because of the new national electricity, localities have not attracted big projects to invest in tourism, the people on the island mainly do farming and fishing, tourism is still a new economic sector to them. Most islanders do not have the skills in tourism service. Tourist services are not developed, so Cai Chien is not enough to attract tourists to stay longer with the island. Most of the tourists come to the island and back to the mainland in a day. Many visitors to Cai Chien Island shared: “The beautiful scenery in the island is undeniable, but the tourist service is almost nothing so visitors coming here once will be hard to come back.” Chairman of Cai Chien People’s Committee Nguyen Son Ha said: “In the economic development structure, along with aquaculture and fishing, tourism service industry will be a new direction of Cai Chien future.”

Cai Chien island via Flynow

At present, Cai Chien island is self-promoting, taking specific steps to develop tourism. Accordingly, localities have renovated the beaches, built a system of concrete roads leading to the sea, labeling and making way in casuarina forests. The renovation of the beaches is based on the principle of preserving original pristine beauty, especially not to cut casuarina trees. The commune focuses on mobilizing people to clean up the environment, create a green, clean and beautiful environment, organize training courses for community tourism.

In order to develop tourism in Cai Chien island, Hai Ha district is adjusting the entire planning of the island commune, in which tourism development as a basis to attract investors. With the existing potentials, the local government is striving to create new images of this green industry.

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