Halong ideal destination for year-end holidays


Come to Halong on these days, tourists can see the harsh atmosphere to welcome Christmas event everywhere. Shopping centers, shops, hotels, etc are bright with the colorful lights, the flowers, the pines, Santa Claus and the familiar tone of Jingle bell song.

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Preparation of hotels, restaurants and cruises

With many hotels, especially large hotels that welcome foreign visitors, Christmas and New Year‘s greetings are one of the programs highly appreciated by tourism business units to attract customers.

At Saigon – Halong hotel, the preparation for Christmas and New Year (Tet holiday) events has been started for many days. Ms. Trinh Thi Phuong, Sales Manager, shared that every year, from the end of November, the hotel planned to renovate the campus, refresh the face of the hotel. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas gifts, etc. were located right in the hotel lobby, giving guests the feeling of Christmas coming very close. Not only focus on decoration, in Christmas and New Year occasions, the hotel also organized a Christmas party and an ethnic music program for tourists.

Saigon Halong Hotel at Christmas via Halong bay tourism

Like Saigon Halong hotel, the system of major hotels such as Novotel, Royal Halong, Grand Halong, Halong Plaza, Muong Thanh Quang Ninh etc. also organizes a variety of cultural and gastronomic programs to serve tourists with the desire to bring visitors a happy holiday when they welcome Christmas in Halong. This is also one of the activities to stimulate tourism to attract tourists at the end of the year.

Not only the hotels, restaurants, the atmosphere on the cruise ships to transport visitors to Halong Bay this occasion is also very busy. Especially the fleet of overnight cruises on the Gulf urgently refurbishes the facilities, decorates the rooms on board, etc. Christmas trees and small gifts to welcome Christmas and New Year for visitors are prepared quite well. Mr. Dao Manh Luong, Director of Halong – Bien Ngoc Co., Ltd, said that for many years, tourists, especially the European and American tourists, tending to spend the nights on tourist boats occupies a large number, especially at the end of the calendar year. Therefore, the tourist fleet on the Gulf is also busier. Mr. Luong added that in order to encourage and motivate the crews serving on board to decorate the Christmas event for tourists to spend the night on the bay, the company would also mark the decoration of Christmas tree on the ships. Therefore, the staff on the boat on this occasion is bustling with the design, Christmas tree decoration for the cruise ships, bringing a warm atmosphere for visitors.

Tourists feedback

On the occasions of Christmas and New Year, one of the destinations attracting a lot of visitors is Halong. This is also the choice of many international visitors to Vietnam. In particular, just recently, Vietnam’s Halong Bay has been featured in travel consultants Roughguides put on the list of 10 most fascinating UNESCO heritage in Asia. According to Roughguides, Halong Bay is a heritage site ranked third, behind Terraced Fields in the Cordilleras, Philippines and Angkor, Cambodia. Many international tourists have chosen Halong as a tourist destination in the end of the year time.

Halong bay at Christmas via Sapa Tours From Hanoi

Belisario Garica, a tourist from Mexico shared, the scenery of Halong Bay was wonderful. It always brought visitors new experiences and feelings. The magic of Halong made visitors not only come here once but also want to have the opportunity to return. Simply Halong Bay is beautiful. What is more interesting than sitting on the boat to see the rock islands with different shapes, undulating on the Gulf between the blue waters.

Not only the beautiful view of Halong Bay, Halong at this time is very impressive. Especially in the evening, the weather is quite cold. The tourist areas, cruise ship ports, amusement park, many restaurants, hotels, large commercial center … are decorated with colorful flowers and lights. The image of Santa Claus, pine trees, reindeer present everywhere. The center streets are fanciful in the decorative lights, the greeting Christmas songs are gently played in the restaurants. On this occasion, facades of commercial centers, large hotels attract a lot of young people to have fun and take pictures.

In order to give visitors a happy mood at the end of the year, besides the decoration, tourism business units are very interested in organizing events such as music, buffet, special traditional dishes for visitors to enjoy.

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