Coal mine tours – Unique tourism product in Quang Ninh


Cam Pha is increasing its investment in the construction, promotion and development of specific tourism products based on the available natural resources such as spiritual tourism, ecotourism, leisure tourism and especially visiting, and experiencing at the coal mines.

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New tour in the tourism land

Mr. Nguyen Hai Khien, Vice Chairman of Cam Pha People’s Committee, said that Cam Pha tourism has started to change and achieve certain results after 3 years implementation of Resolution 07-NQ / TU of the Provincial Party Executive Board on tourism development in Quang Ninh period 2013-2020, orientation to 2030. Particularly, tourism industry received attention from the Party committees, authorities from the city to communes and wards in the career of tourism development; and the calling interested investors in the development of tourism in the area. At present, the city continues to promote and increase investment in building and promoting specific tourism products based on the existing strengths in resources such as spiritual tourism, ecotourism, leisure and treatment tourism and especially a new product of visiting and experiencing coal mines.

Cam Pha is the large center for exploiting and producing coal of the province and the whole country. This is an advantage for Cam Pha to develop tourism, create unique sightseeing products and experiences in industrial parks such as Deo Nai coal mine, Coc Sau, Cao Son, Mong Duong … In addition, Cam Pha still maintains coal sculpture, concentrating mainly in Cam Thanh and Cam Son wards. This is traditional handicraft with raw materials from coal to make fine art products. These products will be developed into unique and strange souvenirs of the mining city.

Coal mine tour via Cong ty Co phan than Cao Son

Recently, Cam Pha City has submitted the Provincial People’s Committee to recognize two tourist routes in the city: spiritual tour (City center – Pha Thien Pagoda – Cao Son Culture Park – Cua Ong Temple); leisure and entertaining tour (Center city – Cultural service area – Vung Duc relic and scenic area – Quang Hong beach – Geological hot mineral center). In addition, Cam Pha is building a coal tourist route, including sites: City center – 12th November Square, crossroads to the Deo Nai mine – Uncle Ho’s visit to Deo Nai mine site in 1959 – Vung Duc relic and scenic area – Cua Ong Temple, the commanding cell of Cua Ong Coal Company (now known as Cua Ong Coal Company), Ngo Huy Tang monument. From the beginning of the year to now, the city has coordinated with the Department of Tourism, Vietravel Company, the farm trip with nearly 30 domestic and foreign tourism enterprises to survey facilities, inquiry the process of coal exploiting, visit the opencast mines of Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company, Deo Nai Coal Joint Stock Company, Vietnam Vocational College of Coal and Minerals… The delegations also investigated the reality of life of mining workers and explored the ability to organize for visitors to visit, experience coal mining to find the connections to the tour program. If put into operation, tourism experience of coal mining promises to be new tourism products, endemic and unique ones of Cam Pha in particular and Quang Ninh in general in the coming time.

Unique tour in Deo Nai mine

Come to this tour, visitors will have a very interesting experience to know more about the mining field, about the large coal mines, cars, super-shocking excavators operating on the field. The most impressive is that visitors know the process of exploiting “black gold” for the country to love more the land and people here.

The first point of the tour to the Deo Nai mine, visitors will come from 12th November Square, which marks the historic milestone of the mining class. That was the general strike on November 12th, 1936 of more than 3 thousand miners struggling with the mine owners to claim the right for the glorious workers. After that, tourists are transported by miners’ specialized vehicles to visit Deo Nai mine. The road to the mine is quite romantic. From the top of Deo Nai Pass, visitors can admire the entire mining city of Cam Pha, the city on the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay.

Deo Nai mining tour via Bao Quang Ninh 

Through the guard station of De Nai mine, the first destination that visitors visit is the production control center – where gives commands and receives the production orders of each shift. This is also the place where Uncle Ho stopped to talk with cadres, workers of coal mine Deo Nai on March 30th, 1959. Here, Uncle met, visited, talked with workers and advised “to do a lot of coal must have a sense of responsibility …”, “Coal mining is in the good kind of the world. Landscape in the mine is also a wonder of human kind. You have to make charcoal for good … “.

From the center of this production center, visitors can observe the entire production scene of the coal mining site, the huge coal mines, the high coal floor, the observation of the excavators, running drills, the large trucks connected to carry coal to the station. Then you can continue to visit a car repair workshop – where repair and maintain the means of transport of the mine. Visitors enjoy watching the largest car in Indochina and can save a few photos as a souvenir.

Also on this trip, visitors can also visit the coal sorting plant to learn more about the coal sorting and pouring of coal to transport vehicles to bring to the consumption.

The end of the journey to visit the mine, the car will take visitors to visit the area of environmental restoration. This is the place where trees are planted to regenerate the environment after mining.

At present, coal mine tours are still being studied by tour operators and coal companies for the purpose of serving tourists. This promises to be a unique tourist products attracting tourists that is only in Quang Ninh.

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