Visiting Halong Bay from Hanoi for 2 days


With these ideas about Halong travel below, you can have a 2-day tour in Halong to fully watch its beauty.

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Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is well-known for its beautiful beaches, tourist sites, historical sites…and more and more famous with the domestic and foreign visitors. Halong Bay has a lot of activities for you to entertain: in good weather, you can take a stroll on the bay by boat, or make a sightseeing tour of Tuan Chau island, you can also swim, or explore the beauty of this famous bay.

Halong Bay has a lot of activities for you to entertain

If you go to Halong for the first time and do not want to buy a tour, the program below will help you have a pleasant trip and explore quite interesting time with two days and nights.

Day 1

6 am, from Hanoi, you can catch high quality buses to Cam Pha, Halong, Bai Chay from My Dinh, Luong Yen or Gia Lam (fare 55,000 VND / person). At 10 o’clock, get off at the foot of Bai Chay bridge, pick up motorbike taxi or taxi to enter Vuon Dao, also known as Post Office area.

Bai Chay bridge

Vuon Dao is a place gathering a lot of mini hotels and motels with affordable prices from 150,000 to 250,000 VND per room. The restaurants around are also very rich and diverse. You can freely choose hotels and restaurants.

Along the coast, there are many 3-star hotels with the price from $ 40, the other side of the sea is Royal Park. The cafes along the road have a good view to Halong Bay, so beautiful and romantic. Space filled with sea scent creates a sense of relaxation for visitors. You can go hang out along the coast, or spend hours in the middle of the hill to admire the world famous natural heritage. It is also possible to cross the bridge to Hon Gai to seafood market, Bai Tho mountain.

Around 3-4 pm, you should take the bus (red – yellow) to Tuan Chau tourist resort to visit the beach and bathe. From 19h, people organize art programs to serve visitors such as water music park or dolphin performance.

If you want to explore the freedom, the liberty of the sea, you should take the buses or motorcycles, taxis to the pillar 5, pillar 6 on the other side of Bai Chay bridge (Hon Gai) to enjoy the dinner at the “boat house”. The “boat house” is the seafood bars located on the beach with fresh foods, guests can choose, order then the restaurant will cook with the affordable prices and impressive feeling.

Day 2

In the morning, catch a motorbike taxi to the pier, about 2km from Vuon Dao, there are many visitors in Saturday morning and Sunday, so you can buy tickets to visit Halong Bay with large tourist delegations (cost about 100,000 VND / person). You should come early enough to be sure to buy a ticket and have an enjoyable morning sightseeing on the bay. You can also hire a boat package tour to Halong Bay, which costs about 150,000-200,000 VND per hour (depending on the ship).

Usually, the pier has two main tours: four-hour tour to visit Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Drum island, Dinh Huong islet, Ga Choi island and back to port. The seven-hour tour goes as far as four-hour tour and passes through Ti Top, Sung Sot Cave and Bo Nau Cave. You can have your lunch on the ship by buying fresh food from the boat peddling on the sea and the cooks of the ship will process. Or back to Bai cheap neurontin, cheap dapoxetine. Chay for lunch, in 3 – 4 pm, you can catch high quality buses back to Hanoi, ending two days of exciting tour in Halong.

Dinh Huong islet

Good foods in Halong that tourists choose most are: grilled chopped squid (very famous), mantis shrimps roasted salt, geo-ducks, snails (they are very suitable for drinking) and other familiar seafood dishes.

Of course, with a 2-day tour in Halong, you cannot enjoy full of Halong attractions; however, with a low budget, you should consider our itineraries as your first choice. You can mainly watch the beauty of this marvellous bay.