Visiting Cat Ba island by motorbikes


Cat Ba Island is located in the southeast of Hai Phong City. It is an ideal place for people to travel, because it converges many elements for a memorable trip.

>> Main activities in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba has sea, forest, and pass. Cat Ba can also be explored by motorbike with easy access to roads and ferries.

How to get to Cat Ba island?

From Hanoi, you can use 2 ways to get to Cat Ba

The first way is along Highway 5 (Hanoi – Hai Phong), to Dinh Vu ferry and then to the island with a distance of about 130 km. However, if you go in this way, you have to take the ferry twice, so it takes quite time at sea: The first route is Dinh Vu ferry – Ninh Tiep (Cat Hai island). Then, you go through Cat Hai island to the second ferry Ben Got – Cai Vien to Cat Ba. With the time to wait and travel on Cat Hai island, it takes 2 hours more.

Dinh Vu ferry

With the second way, you must go along Highway 18 through Bac Ninh – Hai Duong, Halong to take the ferry at Tuan Chau. The road is about 150 km long, but in return you only have to take one ferry, with a time of about 40 minutes. The road is also more attractive, when you can visit Con Son – Kiep Bac (in Hai Duong) or Halong city on their journey.

With both ways, when you arrive in Cat Ba island, you still have to cross another 15-20 km journey through the island to reach Cat Ba town. However, this route will give you a very interesting experience.

If you come to Cai Vien ferry (from Hai Phong), the distance from the ferry to the town is a very rare coastal road in the Northern Vietnam. You can go through the not too high mountain passes along the coast, watch the whole coastline, the fishing village, the cliffs close to the sea with the waves clapping.

If you come to Gia Luan ferry (from Tuan Chau), you will go through the center of Cat Ba island by another way. This road is through the dense, cool and extremely wild forests on the island. Feeling of the weather will make you extremely excited becaue you can enjoy the cool and fresh climate.

Gia Luan ferry

New road is upgraded, very nice and easy to go. The island does not have too many people, so the road is very wide. In addition, this road has many low passes through a few mountains, so you will feel like pouring on a certain pass in the Northwest Vietnam.

Eat and stay in Cat Ba island

Cat Ba Island has been developing tourism early, so the utility system is relatively developed. It is easy to rent a motel in the town center for easy accessing to the famous beaches and tourist destinations.

For the accommodations, the most expensive room price is from late May to mid August with about 600,000 to 1.2 million VND. However, 3-5 people can stay in one room.

To save money, you can also choose a more reasonable time to go to Cat Ba beside this period, with only 2/3 to half price. From early April, or after August until October is not the bad time to Cat Ba. You should carefully consult the price to avoid being hacked.

Cat Ba is a paradise of seafood; you can completely enjoy a variety of specialties here. However, in order to have a cheap meal, it is advisable to ask your own chef in your hotel to cook meals with a reasonable price.

You can choose from a variety of dishes to order, or ask the owner to take a local specialty. You can also choose to eat outside to enrich the menu, but remember to refer to the price carefully. The famous dishes you should try in Cat Ba like comedy, octopus, Cat Ba shrimp noodle, squid, etc.

Cat Ba shrimp noodle

Cat Ba island is a good choice to take a motorbike tour. This island also has many delicious specialties and beautiful destinations along with lots of activities for you. With only some hours from Hanoi, you can easily come to Cat Ba to experience all things of this island.