Unique and attractive experiences in Halong


Halong attracts tourists not only by the beautiful scenery, the amusement park on Asia level, but also here you will have very new and different experiences.

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Previously, kayaking was only for foreigners wishing to explore the adventure, now it is favorite for both domestic and international tourists, especially young people who love adventure. Halong has been voted by National Geographic as one of the top 25 kayaking destinations in the world. You can rent a kayak by yourself or book a tour, to create an enjoyable experience on the bay.

Sitting on a small kayak boat, flapping the canopy on the clear blue water and watching the spectacular nature of Halong Bay, you can explore the cliffs, caves around Halong Bay, visit Vung Vieng fishing village, Cong Dau, Luon cave, Ba Trai Dao, Co Cave … In addition to visiting the famous destinations, you can also explore the lively world of fauna and flora below the boat.

Admiring Halong Bay from the Sun Wheel and Queen Cable Car

Situated on the top of Mount Ba Deo at 215 meters above sea level, the Sun Wheel is one of the highest wheels with panoramic views of the world. There are 64 cabins with total capacity of 384 passengers. From the wheel, visitors can admire the panoramic beauty of Halong, especially at night in the color of colorful lights with the cost of only a few hundred thousand VND.

Queen cable car via Apro Travel

The Queen cable car is 2222 m in length and has 2 cable pillars. The cable car has only two cabins with a capacity of about 2,000 passengers per hour. Guests will be traveling through Cua Luc bay, experiencing the journey from Bai Chay Beach to Ba Deo Mountain (Hon Gai) in Halong city. This is a very new experience attracting a large number of tourists to participate in Halong.

Visiting fishing villages

The journey is not complete without the experience of culture and local life. Spending time to visit the villages and meeting some indigenous people in Vung Vieng, Cua Van or Ba Hang fishing villages to help you better understand the fishing life of the sea people.

Cua Van is a fishing village in Hung Thang commune, Halong city. This fishing village has long existed and most of the people here live by fishing. Cua Van fishing village is an ancient village with special cultural features, it is surrounded by rocky mountains, so the sea around here seems to be always calm. The houses of Cua Van fishing village are floating on the sea but very spacious and clean. The house is quite full of furniture and household utensils, ensuring the life of the people here.


Although there are a lot of recreational activities on the sea that can be engaged when traveling to Halong Bay, exploring the ocean below is an experience that travelers should not miss.

Along Cong Do island and Van Don island, there are countless coral reefs and numerous marine creatures. The bottom of the ocean consists of crustaceans, molluscs, fish and many other marine organisms for visitors to observe. Swimming with sea squid or dancing with octopus is no longer the only sight on animation.

Spend a half day diving around the coral reefs, recording the fun moments, you can imagine the tranquil setting that surrounds you as you dive to the depths of dozens of meters, meeting and familiarizing yourself with the “inhabitants” of the mysterious bay.

Diving in Halong via Vietnam Awesome Travel

For a full-fledged, comfortable coral reef experience, and without having to worry about any of the attached services, the most effective way is booking a tour from a travel agency or cruise company in Halong. These companies or yachts will organize these experiences for visitors when you come to Halong, you just need to register and agree in advance with them and your needs will be met.


From kayaks, wooden boats … there are many ways to explore Halong Bay, flying with a canoe is one of the most interesting and unusual experience.

This activity is not for those who prefer lightness. For true adventurous travelers, this will be a great experience. The excitement comes as soon as the canoe has started, the wind begins to rise, pulling you off the ground and heading for the clouds. Parasailing also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the glamorous beauty of the bay from above.

Taking pictures of Halong Bay from seaplane

This is a new experience in Halong Bay enjoyed by many tourists. Airplane with 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers, you can view the panoramic Halong Bay from the top. At an altitude of 150 to 3000 m above sea level, exploring the natural wonder of the world from the seaplane will be the most memorable experience for travelers.

The airplanes will give you a completely new perspective, different from the ground view, giving you the feeling of being lost in a film studio of the Hollywood movie.

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