Travel Halong Bay in one day (Part 2)


6-hour Tour: follow the 4-hour route and visit Titov Island, Sung Sot Cave and Bo Nau Cave.

Sung Sot Cave is located on the island of Bo Hon in the center of Halong Bay. This is a large and beautiful cave of Halong Bay. The road to Sung Sot cave is winding under the foliage of the forest, with the stone steps climbing. The cave is divided into two main compartments, the first one is a big theater with wide ceilings covered with stalactites, stone statues: elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers, opening a new fairy world. The second part opens a completely new scene, the width can hold thousands of people. In the heart of the 2nd part of Sung Sot, there are images associated with the legend of Thanh Giong: beside the entrance is a horse-shaped stone, long sword and in the cave there are small ponds like Giong horse footprint.

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Besides these caves, visitors also have the opportunity to visit many beautiful and charming caves such as Bo Nau Cave with arched entrance with stalactites falling soft as willow branches; Hanh cave is the longest and most beautiful cave in the bay. Trinh Nu cave has a stone of a girl dropping her hair in the sea. In the opposite side, Con Trai cave is a statue of a young man turning toward the Trinh Nu cave.

Titov island via Halong bay holiday

Titov has a steep bank and a beach with a moon-shaped sand shore. Visitors often prefer to go to shore to bathe or climb to the top of the mountain to admire the scene from above. This sandy beach is small compared to Halong Bay but very clear and quiet, clean and blue in four seasons. Available services: restaurants, swimming suit for rent, life jackets, water motorbike, parachute (cost about 600,000 VND / 15 minutes), kayaking (about 200,000VND / hour)

You can eat lunch on the cruise by buying fresh food from the floating boats scattered in the sea waters and ask the crew for processing. Some of the most popular delights in Halong include: gilled chopped squid, roll pancake, roasted mantis shrimp with salt, roasted peanut-worm, geoduck, all kinds of snails, octopus and familiar seafood suitable for the sea parties.

After 3.00 pm: Have fun, walk along the beach, climb Bai Tho mountain.

You have 2 options.

– If you return in the day:

You should choose to walk around Halong Bay, the space filled with sea scent will make you feel relaxing. You can go hang out along the sea, watch the sunset on Halong Bay, or spend hours in the middle of the pine hill to see the world famous natural heritage. It is also possible to drive the motorbike over the Bai Chay bridge to Hon Gai to climb Bai Tho mountain.

The road to Bai Tho mountain is not long but quite steep, but there are steps so you can relax and just keep climbing. With only 30 minutes of walking, you can set foot on the peak of Bai Tho Mountain. Next to the stone carved poetry and flag pole on the top of the mountain, anyone will be overwhelmed by the poetic scenery before the eyes.

Bai Tho mountain via

After climbing Bai Tho, on the way you should visit Quang Ninh seafood market for dinner, the price here is quite good, it is convenient to buy seafood and fine coal arts as gifts.

– If you spend the night in Halong Bay:

Take the bus (red – yellow) to Tuan Chau tourist area (visit ticket price: 200.000VND / person) to visit the sea, bathing, enjoy the natural atmosphere of the sea of Halong, Beach and water games such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, canoeing, high speed water slide will bring you a healthy, exciting and impressive holiday. Booking accommodation in Tuan Chau is not a bad idea, room rates are from 500,000 VND / night up.

After checking in at Tuan Chau, you can participate in other exciting entertainment activities such as crocodile performances, water music park, dolphin performance, monkey circus, mysterious house, paintball game, golf practice, karaoke room, online game room with all the games with different emotions so that you can play and relax in the holidays.

You can choose to dine at the restaurant built in unique style, simulating the architecture of the seventeenth-century Vietnamese imperial house in Tuan Chau (about 100,000 VND / person) or go to the coast of Halong Bay, enjoy the openness of the sea on the floating raft restaurant in the bay at night. It is great if you have the opportunity to spend the night in Halong Bay, you can see the beauty of this legendary bay in the sunset, early morning fog and dawn. Halong Bay will definitely make you remember!

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