Travel Co To to escape the heat of summer


Co To island is not new to those who love traveling, but despite traveling Co To many times again, every summer vacation, Co To is the ideal destination for tourists.

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Section 1: From Hanoi to Cam Pha

There are many ways to go from Hanoi to Cam Pha (Quang Ninh). You can go to My Dinh bus station or choose Limousine business car. There are many car to travel Quang Ninh, running from 6.00 am to late at about 7.00 pm. Ticket prices range from 120,000 to 150,000 VND/person.

We traveled by the car of the Coto Lodge resort that must be booked in advance. We traveled with guests in the same hotel so there was enough space, clean air at the price of 200,000 VND / person. The trip took about 5 hours and a half.

Section 2: From Cam Pha to Cai Rong port

If you go by a passenger car, the car will stop at Cam Pha bus station. You have to continue to take a taxi to Cai Rong port for about 20 km, the cost is about 250,000 VND/taxi of 4 seats. We went by the car of the resort so it was directly to Cai Rong port, just as well, have time to rest for lunch.

Cai Rong port via

Section 3: From the port to Co To Island

There are two options: wooden or high speed boats. Wooden boats are cheaper but take more time. We took a high speed boat with the price of 180,000 VND / person.  It takes away nearly 1 hour if the weather is favorable. From the island to the hotel, most people choose electric vehicles or tram, convenient as well as suitable with the terrain.

Hotels on Co To Island

We were at Coto Eco Lodge. In a group of 9 people, we rent 2 bungalows next to the sea at 1 million VND / room / night. Due to the holiday season, afraid of crowd so we booked and paid deposits before travel day. The facilities and water supply were good, including air conditioning, mattress cushions, night lamps.

The view is perfect with glass windows overlooking the sea, steps out the door is sunshine, blue sea and white sand. There is also a small room for smaller groups, with the same quality, just smaller room, a smaller mattress, the price is much cheaper (500,000 VND / room / night for a room of 2 guests).

Entertainment on Co To

To Co To island, you can not ignore the two beautiful beaches of the island, they are Hong Van beach and Van Chay beach. Just soak in the clear water and watch the beautiful scene, this is already a great experience.

At night, you will feel the most romantic moments of Co To while sipping grilled seafood on the beach, while listening to the sound of the waves whispering in the space.

Alternatively, you can visit the lighthouse, Cau My rock reef, the love road, Small Co To Island or overnight squid fishing. Many people said that going to Co To is sad because the place is wild, deserted but with the criteria for rest, relax, escape the fatigue everyday Co To is a perfect destination.

Small Co To island far away via Bao Quang Ninh

If you want a more fun space then you just have to go with friends, day and night singing, fun together on the beach in the midst of beautiful green nature.

Food on Co To Island

We ate two meals near Cai Rong port and three meals in Co To. At Cai Rong port, the food is normal, the price is little bit expensive, but there are full of things from seafood, specialties to popular meals.

We ate two main meals served at Coto Lodge, and a BBQ beach barbecue. The meal was delicious, plentiful and reasonable. All meals are included in the final payment.

BBQ is 350,000 VND / person including finger snail, blood cockle, crab, grilled fish, grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, squid, fruit and soft drinks. If you want to eat more, you can suggest, the restaurant is always very enthusiastic preparation or can ask to buy things to self-process.


Buy a variety of snacks and water because the price of food on the island is quite expensive. You also need to prepare thin jacket, the night at sea will be a bit cold. And remember to bring cream or insect repellent.

Particularly going from Hanoi to Co To has taken over 8 hours so you should start early. Need to book boat tickets in advance or ask the hotel to book for you. Prepare the drug for seasick if you are not used to the boat travel. If you are in good situation, sit on the deck and take photos because the sea is beautiful.

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