Top 5 hostels in Co To

Co To is a jewel in the bay of Halong that is beautiful as a paradise in fairy tales, attracting visitors by the pristine beauty of the natural landscape with beautiful beaches, flat white sand on the shores of the blue sea and a varied forest and marine ecosystem.

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In the itinerary, when exploring Co To tourists should not miss the opportunity to stay in hostels of the island for a wonderful experience. For visitors to take more initiative during the trip to explore Co To Island, we will provide information top 5 hostels on Co To island that brings the best value with reasonable prices for visitors to refer.

Useful information:

  • Co To island is 60km away from Halong City.
  • Guests can go to Co To island by boat from Cai Rong port with price of 95 000 VND per person.
  • The price of a hostel in Co To range from 300,000 – 500,000 VND/room/night.

1. Chung Vu Hostel

Address: Hong Van, Dong Tien, Co To, Quang Ninh

Contact: 096 727 62 68

Chung Vu Hostel is located right on Hong Van beach, in Co To Park. The hostel is a system of wooden houses facing the sea. Chung Vu Hostel is a popular retreat destination for ecotourism enthusiasts in Co To.

Chung Vu hostel via Du Lich Co To

The hostel has a total of 11 rooms built of wood in a simple rustic design to create extremely comfortable and cool space for visitors to stay in the hostel. Right next to the houses is the old shady pine trees. From the window of the guest houses, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea with silver waves running on the white sand and enjoy the cool breezes from the sea through the window.

2. Minh Trang Hostel

Address: Nam Dong village, Dong Tien commune, Co To, Quang Ninh

Contact: 0912.500.313

Minh Trang Hostel is built in a villa architecture with all rooms facing the sea. The hostel has 14 rooms decorated with full furniture creating a peaceful and comfortable space for visitors to relax here. Not far from the beach, visitors can easily walk from the hostel to watch the sea, immerse the soul in the wind and listen to the gentle waves on the coast of white sand as love songs.

3. Cuong Phuong Hostel

Address: Zone 2 Co To Town, Co To, Quang Ninh

Contact: 033 3889113 or 0913907368

Cuong Phuong Hostel is located right in the center of Co To town that is a cheap but good quality and prestigious hostel in Co To. The hostel is popular with many visitors because of the quality and service style. The location near the beach side of the hostel is the ideal resort for visitors to Co To.

From the hotel, visitors can take a scenic walk to the sea and enjoy the sunrise and sunset on Co To island. Co To in the early dawn is beautiful, clear with the rays of gentle and mild sunshine. When the sun falls down, Co To dresses itself in a beautiful evening gown.

4. Cuong Thinh Homestay

Address: Truong Xuan Village, Dong Tien Commune, Co To, Quang Ninh

Contact: 0333889086 or 01236783457

Cuong Thinh Homestay is a popular resort destination for many visitors to Co To. The house is located right next to the beach, built in modern architecture with rooms facing the sea.

Cuong Thinh Homestay (via Homestay CoTo Cuong Thinh)

The hostel is the perfect spot for relaxing and discovering the scenic beauty of Co To Island. From the hostel, visitors can walk and bathe and enjoy the wonderful nature. The hostel has all 10 rooms, equipped with full furniture, comfortable space creating a cool and comfortable feeling for visitors. Stay overnight at the guest house, tourists can experience camping activity on the sea, explore the night sky with thousands of sparkling stars and listen to the melodious music coming from the sea.

5. Kim Hue Hostel

Address: Zone 2 Co To Town, Co To, Quang Ninh

Contact: 033 500566 or 0919 909819

The hostel is located in the prime location of Co To town so visitors can easily travel to visit the attractions of Co To Island. From the guest house, visitors can contemplate the beautiful sea view and the bustling Co To pier. The hostel has one side facing the sea, 500m away from Co To pier. The hostel is a great place to see the sunrise on Co To Island.

Co To is referred as the blue pearl of the north. Co To in the beautiful dawn is as paradise with the blue sea, the small islands waking up, and the sounds from the sea birds. The scenery is beautiful and lively of a peaceful life that is quiet far away from noisy town.

Co To with wild beauty, wonderful forest ecosystem, has always been attractive to visitors. Coming to Co To, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of nature but also relax in the peaceful and beautiful seaside hostels. Certainly will make visitors have wonderful moments in the journey to explore Co To island.

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