Quan Lan travel experience A – Z


Quan Lan island is one of the beautiful islands in Quang Ninh province. It’s famous for its unspoiled natural scenery and the tranquility of the blue sea, white sand and green casuarina trees making this place an ideal destination, sightseeing and swimming activities for tourists. We will share with you all the travel experience to Quan Lan island from A to Z with full information on time of travel, transportation, and eating places, entertaining sites, accommodation and countless notes to know for the trip to Quan Lan island!

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Best time to go to Quan Lan Island

The most suitable time for tourists to Quan Lan island is in the summer or autumn. During this time the weather on the island is very cool, fresh, and suitable for sightseeing and bathing activities of tourists. Based on the experience of traveling to Quan Lan island, you can choose to go to the island in the following months: April, May, June, September and October, while two months July and August often have storms so there are no tourists to the island.

Transportation to Quan Lan island

If you go from Hanoi to Quan Lan island, Quang Ninh, we offers 2 ways to travel by means of motorcycles and catching coaches to Halong as follows:

+ Guide to Quan Lan by motorcycle: From Hanoi to Halong, visitors can choose to follow two routes:

Route 1: from Hanoi follow Highway 5 to Sai Dong junction, go to Bac Ninh along Highway 18A through Pha Lai – Chi Linh – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Halong. The total route you have to travel is about 155 km.

Route 2: Follow the direction from Noi Bai – Bac Ninh – National Highway 18A through Pha Lai – Sao Do – Dong Trieu – Uong Bi – Halong. Total route plan is about 160 km.

+ Guide to Quan Lan by coach: You can take the bus to Cai Rong port at the bus station in Hanoi or can go by coach of Kumho or Hoang Long car to move here.

Cai Rong port via Mapio.net

After arriving at Cai Rong port, you have to wait until the next morning to get the boat to the island. Therefore, tourists need to stay in Cai Rong port overnight.

+ Hire boat from Cai Rong port to Quan Lan island: There are only two express boats to Quan Lan island at Cai Rong pier on one day: 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. Also, you can refer to a number of ships from other ports to Quan Lan Island such as: Van Dong – Quan Lan Express ship, running time is 45 minutes, with a fare of 100,000 VND / person or high-speed boat from Cua Ong – Quan Lan.

+ Transportation on Quan Lan Island: When traveling on the island, you can choose a tuk tuk for 10 people with the price of about 20,000 – 50,000 VND / person or you ride a motorbike to travel.

Accommodation in Quan Lan Island

As the experience of traveling to Quan Lan from many tourists, you should make reservations before coming to the island to avoid the room shortage and over price. If you like camping, picnicking with friends in the sea, it is also quite interesting. Instead of renting a room in guesthouses and hotels, you can have fun together in the camp. Depending on the needs as well as budget you have to choose the most suitable accommodation on Quan Lan island.

Some good and cheap hotels near Quan Lan island you can refer to:

Ann Hotel – Quan Lan Island in Dong Nam village, Quan Lan – Van Don.

Le Pont Minh Chau Hotel on Minh Chau Beach, Quan Lan Island.

Robinson Ecolodge Minh Chau in Robinson Beach, Minh Chau Commune, Van Don District, Quang Ninh (Quan Lan Island, Halong)

Attractions in Quan Lan Island

Going to Quan Lan Island, Halong, Quang Ninh, you will be immersed in the green, peaceful sea with wild beauty of a charming and mysterious land, not as noisy as Do Son beach or Sam Son. Therefore, Quan Lan is an ideal destination for tourists to escape from the city to find relaxation, comfort in this beautiful nature.

Quan Lan beach via GRANDPAcking

There are three main beaches: Quan Lan beach, Son Hao beach and Minh Chau beach. It is known that all three beaches are beautiful and clean, but perhaps the most popular beach is Quan Lan beach because there are trees on the sand and there are fewer people, not crowded like two other beaches.

Quan Lan beach is a sandy beach with golden sand, quite near the pier, 12 km from Minh Chau beach and 6 km from Son Hao beach.

Son Hao Beach is considered as the most crowded beach with many tourist services and large waves in the three beaches.

In the travel island experience, you should go to Ngoc Vung island is a small and beautiful island in Quan Lan, Van Don. With beautiful natural scenery of white sandy beaches spreading over a kilometer of coastline, it will be an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Quan Lan island.

In addition to the beautiful beaches and natural scenery in Quan Lan, you can also visit the historic relics on the island such as the temple worshiping Tran Khanh Du, Quan Lan temple …

Specialties in Quan Lan

On Quan Lan island, there is not much fresh water, so the island’s food service has not been developed as other tourist destinations. Therefore, when you travel to Quan Lan island you should actively prepare ready meals and soft drinks.

Quan Lan Island is considered a seafood paradise with fresh and famous seafood such as: peanut-worm, clam, geoduck, mantis shrimp … You can go to the market and find something for yourself at around 5 am.

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