New checked-in places for young travellers


If you are a social network lover who loves posting beautiful photos and sharing them with others, these are two new destinations in Quang Ninh that you should not miss.

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Beautiful mural painting villages in Quang Ninh

The presence of the murals not only makes people’s lives become more romantic but also suggests the direction to develop cultural and community tourism. Not only Hoi An, Quang Ninh also appears beautiful frescoes like fairytales in Vinh Thuc island – Mong Cai.

14 houses and 2 cultural houses in Vinh Trung and Vinh Thuc on the island have been changed clothes with colorful paintings from September 2017. The paintings were drawn by the students of the Fine Art University, organized by the mass organizations and youths of Mong Cai City, with funding of 200 million VND from local budgets and socialization.

The paintings breathe new life into the village space with pictures of islands, countryside, natural landscapes. It could be the sunrise scene at Vinh Thuc beach, Tra Co beach; the scene of the boat to the wharf, the children pulling the fishing net …. Vinh Thuc is an intact island with pristine beauty in the North East. Now, visitors come to this place not only for bathing, exploring the lighthouse, enjoying seafood, but they also have a new experience – enjoy and check – in with the bold local identity paintings.

Mural in Po Hen village via Beng

In addition to Vinh Thuc, coming to Quang Ninh, visitors can also visit another well-known village in Po Hen village, Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city.

In the border commune of Hai Son, Mong Cai, Quang Ninh, there is a special small village. Instead of monotonous walls, each house here is a colorful mural, vividly depicting the life of Dao Thanh Y people. The presence of the murals makes the life and awareness of people about tourism change.

Only 30 km away from the center of Mong Cai city, on the edge of the Vietnamese – Chinese border, Po Hen village is a place of Dao Thanh Y people with peaceful houses on the banks of the river between the mountains. To Dang family’s hamlet, welcoming guests is a smiling Dao girl in traditional costumes. What’s special, it is a vivid picture painted on the large wall of the house next to the path leading into the neighborhood.

Going from houses to houses, visitors continue to surprise with colorful pictures: yellow dog sunbathing in the daisy garden, chickens eating corn on the porch, farmers bringing buffaloes from the field, the children playing in the peach blossom garden. There are impressive scenes such as spraying elephants, blue frog holding a sweet potato leaves. The colorful murals on the wall are works by the Mong Cai Youth Union and the public authorities.

According to the Mong Cai Youth Union, these paintings have attracted many tourists, especially young people who want to explore the border land, learn about local people. The frescoes have contributed to bringing people from far to the border, Mong Cai island, Quang Ninh, promising to replicate the model of community development in the frontier area.

Luc Lac rock ledge via ThanhBBer

Luc Lac rock ledge – A new place for adventurers

Luc Lac (shaking) rock ledge in Da Chong mountain located in Minh Thanh ward (Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province) is attracting many tourists, after the group of young people sharing photos recorded when climbing to the top. Luc Lac is located about 1,200 meters from Da Chong Mountain, 450 meters above sea level, and is known by Quang Ninh people as Myanmar’s Golden Rock.

The rock ledge nestled in the deep forests of Quang Ninh now attracts many young people to pose. When it comes to photography, this place looks more dangerous than it actually is.

After the famous rock ledge in Thach That (Hanoi) or Pha Luong peak (Moc Chau), young people recently rush to this place to check-in. If you just look through the pictures, many people will be overwhelmed and scared. In fact, the stone surface is very large and wide, enough for young people to create unique poses. Depending on the creativity and skillful selection of the photographer’s angle, impressive pictures are born with a multiplicity of danger to the reality.

It is possible to come to Luc Lac from Thac Mo ecotourism entrance or go by motorbike from pine hill – Lam Sinh monument about 20 minutes to forest then walk about 1 km. The road is difficult to travel, and not recommended to climb the cliff. Many experienced travellers coming to this place warn that the stone structure is quite weak and dangerous. They advise young people not to risk climbing the cliffs lying at the height of hundreds of meters just to have beautiful pictures.

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