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Co To has not only the blue sea, white sand, sunshine but also the super-nice homestays serving the needs of “virtual life” in social networks for young people. Let’s check out a series of beautiful homestays in Co To.

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1. Coto Gardens

Among Co To homestays, this homestay is located between the two most attractive tourist beaches in Co To: Van Chay Beach and Hong Van Beach. It is just 1.5 km from each beach, 600 m from the wharf. It is a very convenient place for tourists to visit Co To.

Coto Gardens has a cool, airy space, intermingled by shady trees throughout the area. The homestay has 28 bungalows designed and decorated in a unique style: 12 rooms are designed as train carriages, 14 rooms are designed as stilt houses, 2 rooms are designed as a duck huts. The combination of greenery and climbing roses creates a unique identity for Coto Gardens, leaving a deep impression on visitors while staying at the hotel.

The price ranges from 400,000 VND for weekdays and 600,000 VND for weekends. Each room can accommodate 4 – 6 people. An extra adult is charged an additional amount of 150,000 VND. One extra child is not charged, two children are included, then additional 150,000 VND. Currently, Coto Gardens has now expanded to 3 facilities for you to make reservations.

Coto Village via cotovillage.vn

2. Coto Village

Coto Village is located on Hong Van beach with a romantic wooden hut system regarded as one of the most quality resorts in Co To island. The bungalow roof with a unique design, using environmentally friendly materials are extremely popular with young people

Room rates at Coto Village range from 560,000 to 1,200,000 VND for rooms of 2 to 6 guests, if there are more guests, the homestay will charge another 100,000 VND / person. In the evening, you can order a seafood party on the beach at a price of 350,000 VND per person. There is also a bungalow (a small, simple, maneuverable accommodation) with prices from 800,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND per room for two persons (depending on weekdays or weekends).

You will have a wonderful experience when staying and relaxing in the wooden “duck huts” located on the stretch of white sand. Just open the door you can feel the sea breeze, enjoy the beautiful sunrise, enjoy peace in the blue sea.

3. Coto Eco Host

Only 100 meters from the beach, this is also a luxury homestay for those who prefer to share photos on social networks. The price is from 750,000 VND for 2 people for all days including weekends and holidays.

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Coto Eco Host has created a small but delicate, friendly and natural space. Utilities are carefully calculated to better suit families with children and the need for a long rest on the island.

Hong Van Homestay via Du Lich Co To

4. Hong Van Homestay

Newly in operation in March 2017, Hong Van Homestay is located right in front of Hong Van beach. The homestay offers not only resort rooms but also recreational activities on the beach. It includes 2 types of room: room for 4 persons and room for 6 persons. The design of the rooms is arranged in a beautiful bungalow style with elegant decorations.

One advantage of this homestay system in Co To is the proximity to the coast, so that you can easily move to the beach area and participate in tourism activities.

5. Thuy Thinh Coto

Thuy Thinh Coto is located on the edge of Hong Van beach in the adjacent to Coto Eco Lodge. The homestay is a very suitable place to stop when traveling Co To island. The atmosphere is absolutely quiet in this place because you will be listening to the waves in day and night, the wind pounding on the branches.

Accommodating in this homestay, you can enjoy the sunset in the room without having to go far. Thuy Thinh Coto Hotel has 12 separate rooms including 5 double rooms with 2 luxury beds each room and 7 single rooms with 1.6 m beds. The area of each room is only 15 m2 but designed properly that gives you a spacious and airy feeling along with the high-grade equipment from the mattress, air conditioning, fans … meticulously selected. The house is designed with beautiful sea view and glass doors visitors can watch the sea 24/24. The house is designed almost by wooden so it is very cool.

Coto Eco Lodge via www.otofun.net

6. Coto Eco Lodge

Leave the rustic bungalows and enjoy the Coto Eco Lodge. The main color here is the solid white combined with glass looking like the mini villas.

The special at Coto Eco Lodge is the beach BBQ party with 350,000 VND / person of this homestay. Space at night sea, with wooden furniture, silk curtains, seafood, music and wine, it will be a romantic experience in your Co To trip.

7. Coto Life

This is a nice resort! What is more amazing than staying in an absolute poetic place, behind is the green forest, in front is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin.

All the bungalows here are made of natural wood, even the thatched roofs are also from the grass on the island, even there is the outdoor garden. Just enough to see the heat of the resort!

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