Discover Binh Lieu in the white reed season


Arriving Binh Lieu in the fall, you will immerse in the golden rice terraces of the land as Mu Cang Chai area, breathe fresh and cool air like in Sapa. And especially at this very moment, you will also be surprised by the poetic beauty of the white reed fields.

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The beauty of Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu is a new name in the tourism map of Quang Ninh. Binh Lieu is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province. This is a mountainous district with diverse terrains. There are some peaks above 1000 m above sea level.

The hills are covered with soft reed plants. Looking down from above, a white color covers a large area of vision. Whenever there is a gust of wind blowing, all the greens and whites are rustling, swinging with the wind. In the space filled with poetic views, suddenly we have the feeling of peace and calm. The reed hill lures us to childhood memories, when park slides are a dream of luxury, these fields are a playground full of fun for children.

Binh Lieu via Wecheckin

Especially the middle of the reed hill is the stairs leading up to the top. Tourists can follow the steps to get the scenic sightseeing from the top, or capture impressive images with this amazing natural beauty. The most photographed area is located near the 1297 landmark. The meadow is also an extreme camp site for young people or families during the weekend.

Come to Binh Lieu, in addition to admire the white reed hills, visitors also have the opportunity to explore many beautiful sights and culture. Natural sites are vast Binh Lieu rice terraced fields, majestic Ba Lanh mountain, Khe Tien waterfall, Khe Van waterfall, Mooc River waterfall … or plum season of white flowers blooming in Na Lang, Binh Lieu camellia oleifera petals covering the surrounding in white… All in harmony with colorful life of indigenous people makes Binh Lieu attractive and passionate paintings.

Binh Lieu tourism has not really developed. There are not many hostels and restaurants for you to choose, but making up for that, the landscape of this land has a wild beauty, without much intervention of human.

People still compare Binh Lieu as the Little Sapa because to this small district, you will be living with the culture of ethnic minorities such as Dao, Tay, San Chi … admiring mountain scenery, inhaling anise and cinnamon scent, or hearing the whispering sounds of small streams.

2 day schedule in Binh Lieu

Day 1: Hanoi – Cam Pha – Binh Lieu – 1327 border marker – Khe Tien waterfall (Lunch, Dinner)

Morning: The guide picks you up at the gathering point, depart to Binh Lieu. On the way, the delegation will stop at Sao Do – Hai Duong to have breakfast and rest. After stopping, we continue our journey to Cam Pha.

1327 marker via viettravelo

Noon: Stop in Cam Pha City, go to Nha Be restaurant for personal hygiene, rest for a delicious lunch with seafood specialties here.

Afternoon: The car takes you to the first place in Binh Lieu: the landmark number 1327 between Vietnam and China border, the farthest and last milestone in Binh Lieu. After a comfortable time of check-in, guests take to the car moving to Khe Tien waterfall not far away, where you will be immersed in natural space with bathing and taking cool photo shoot at the fall.

Evening: Return to Binh Lieu town to check in the hotel, bathe, rest and have dinner at the restaurant, where you will enjoy specialties in Binh Lieu such as chicken, fish, 5 colored sticky rice, vermicelli … Then you are free to explore the town or experience the services of karaoke, café.

Day 2: Binh Lieu – Landmark 1305 – Khe Van Waterfall – Hanoi (Breakfast, Lunch)

Morning: Get up to welcome dawn in the town, personal hygiene, preparation for checkout the hotel rooms. Tourists have breakfast at the restaurant in the town. After breakfast, the delegation will continue the trip to conquer the landmark 1305, one of the places anyone wants to conquer in Binh Lieu, you will be crossing the mountain, walking on the famous “dinosaur spine” with beautiful white reed fields. To the landmark 1305, visitors can take photos, share the wonderful moments. Then rest and climb down the mountain.

Binh Lieu via Phu Nghia

Note: depending on weather conditions and ensuring the safety of tourists, the guide can substitute the conquer 1305 landmark by the marker 1300 with the beautiful and impressive view of Matcha Hills.

Noon: Return to Binh Lieu for lunch at the town.

Afternoon: The delegation moves to Khe Van waterfall named as the best waterfall in Quang Ninh province. Khe Van waterfall is located in the midst of majestic mountains and forests. The waterfall is about 100 m high with 3 layers of water pouring that creates the whispering sounds of the mountains in the frontier. Khe Van falls each season has a different shade. In the rainy season, the water flows strongly, pouring down the foot of the rock to create a fanciful white mist. After visiting the waterfall, the delegation departs back to Hanoi. On the way back, the car stops in Halong for tourists to buy seafood and souvenirs.

Evening: Depart for Hanoi to finish the journey to the Little Sapa of Quang Ninh with a lot of fun and meanings, goodbye farewell and see you in the next journey.

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