Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong temple
Cua Ong temple

1, Overview

Cua Ong Temple is one of famous relic sites of Tra?�n Dynasty in the Northeast and is the only one in which worship all family members of Tra?�n H?�ng A?a??o Grand commander and his follows. The temple was built at the beginning of the 19th century, and included three main areas: the lower temple (Den Ha), the middle temple (Den Trung) and the upper temple (Den Thuong).

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2, Location

Cua Ong Temple is located on a high hill, looking out over the beautiful natural landscape of Bai Tu Long Bay, where a breathtaking landscape can be collected in full sight of the beautiful Cam Pha Coal and Bai Tu Long Bay There are 34 statues and statutes, elaborately and meticulously carved, and with striking engravings depicting various scenes. They make a great architecture looking to magnificent Bach Long ViA�bay.

Cua Ong temple
Cua Ong temple

3, Features

The temple includes three parts: lower temple, middle temple and upper one. They make a great architecture looking to magnificent Bach Long Vi Bay.

Although the main festival is held in the second lunar month but ten thousands of visitors and travelers eagerly have flocked to the temple since the beginning of the new lunar year.

The Cua Ong Temple festival will last till the end of the spring.