Co To travel experience from A to Z


Co To is a small island district in Quang Ninh province, Co To island is about 25 km from the mainland. Co To Island is ranked in the top 10 tourist islands in Vietnam with Phu Quoc island, Nam Du island, Ly Son Island, … This will be an ideal choice for summer trips in the North. Today, we will share with you some travel experiences for best moments in Co To.

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Transportation to Co To

To get to Co To Island, you need to Cai Rong port to buy tickets to the island. To get to Cai Rong port you have two ways:

– Travel by motorbike: You come from Hanoi to Van Don with a distance of about 200 km along National Highway 1A – 18 to Quang Ninh. To Van Don junction turn right, cross Van Don bridge, toll station to Van Don post office, continue to turn right. Continue for about 1.5 km you are next to Cai Rong port. You can bring motorbikes to the island for 120,000 VND per one while if parking in Cai Rong port, the price is 20,000 VND / day.

– Travel by coaches: You can take the car from My Dinh bus station or Luong Yen bus station to Cua Ong, Mong Cai. You can choose Hoang Long car, Kumho Viet Thanh car with a frequency of 15 – 30 minutes / trip.

Cai Rong Port via

If you take a car you should go early in the morning to catch the boat to the island early in the afternoon or the last trip of the day (about 9 pm) to the port at 2 am, you can rent a guesthouse next to the port to rest or sit near the beach for dining and wait for the dawn.

Then you buy tickets at Van Don port to Co To island, the fare is about 150,000 VND on weekdays and 200,000 VND on weekends and holidays (2014 summer price). Regular boat runs 2 turns in the morning (about 7 am) and early in the afternoon (about 1:30 pm), you should buy high speed boat tickets for fast and healthy.

References: Manh Quang ship: 0985351833, Phuc Thinh ship from Van Don – Co To (0979089012) and from Co To – Van Don (0989759630)


Cai Rong Port Guesthouses

– Van Nam Hotel, the price of a single room with a double bed is 200,000 VND / night, on the weekend is 350,000 VND / night. Price is only reference (you call for specific price). Tel: 0948146399

– Thai Hoang Guesthouse – Cai Rong Port: 033.3793383

– Viet Linh Motel: 033.793898

Co To Guesthouses

At Co To now there are many hotels, guesthouses with homestays so you can comfortably choose the room without worrying about the room shortage, if on holiday you should book in advance.

– Homestay Uncle Phong: There is also a boat serving to Small Co To island, departing from the wharf pier to Thanh Lan Island, at reference price (1,200,000 VND / 2 ways). Tel: 01236783527,

– Homestay Ms Hanh 0973490908, price per person at reasonable price.

Green Coto Hotel via du lich dao co to

– Homestay Ms Khuyen, the house near the port to Thanh Lan island, reasonable price, new and beautiful room.

– Thanh Mang Hostel 0123691414

– Green Coto Hotel: This is newly built on the beach so it is very nice, however the price is quite high.

– Huyen Huy Guesthouse 01667.101.805 or 0333.500.219

Dining places

In the town there are many restaurants with good food at reasonable prices. It is said that Úy Thanh restaurant is the most delicious and reasonable, if you go in a large group, you should call ahead to book the table. Or you can go to Nam Hai beach for BBQ party and have fun dancing.

If in early morning you go to the fishing port you can buy seafood at reasonable prices and then ask the host or homestay owner for processing.

Beautiful sightseeing spots in Co To

Co To has quite a lot of tourist attractions so that you can visit and explore. Only with a motorbike you can explore the whole island in one day by a road.

– Bai Cau rock reef with beautiful rocks, very suitable to have beautiful photos.

– Nam Hai Beach: This beach is located next to the town and is the longest beach in Co To. Wide sand shore so you can set the camp fire and have fun on the beach.

Love road in Co To via Halong bay cruise

– Love Road: This is a 2 km long paved road running parallel to Nam Hai beach, the two sides of the road are straight tree lines creating a romantic scene for couples to walk here.

– If you go with a large group of people, you can rent fishing boats to the sea to squid fishing, this is also a very interesting experience.

At present the island has a floating water park on the beach with many interesting and funny activities.

– Hong Van Beach: This beach is beautiful and very quiet, no large waves.

– Bac Van Beach: This beach has big waves so it is suitable for swimming and playing.

– Van Chay Beach: This is a beautiful beach, pristine white sand, smooth waves, suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

– Co To Lighthouse: Standing on the lighthouse, you can admire the panoramic view of Co To island, the road to the lighthouse is narrow and quite steep so it will take you little effort to conquer, or you can ride motorbike to the lighthouse.

– Small Co To island: Small Co To island is a small island next to Co To island, this is an uninhabited island so it owns the most beautiful beach in Co To Islands. Beaches in Small Co To are ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. So if you travel to Co To, take time to go to Small Co To island. On the way to Bac Van beach, you will go through the port to Small Co To island, where you can charter to the island for about 600,000-800,000 VND for more than a dozen people.

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