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Co To is most beautiful in the summer, when the painting of blue sea – white sand – yellow sunlight blends into one. In addition, in this summer, your trip in Co To will become even more exciting when visitors find themselves a cheap but good resort. It will be the resort of the vast blue sea, for guests to feel adventurous in a world of only peaceful waves and sunshine.

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Coto Life – Mini Resort

The first resort in the list of resorts that is cheap but super quality in Co To is Coto Life – Mini Resort. This is one of the resorts that can give visitors special moments of fun and relaxation.

Coto Life is the earliest and most beautiful resort on the charming island of Co To. Located on the blue beach of Co To Island, hidden away between the pristine forests, Coto Life is emerging as a “man-made” earthly paradise. In the middle of this pristine forest and blending with the sea, sunshine, Coto Life becomes more attractive than ever.

Coto Life – Mini Resort via PYS Travel

Coto Life is a bungalow complex, designed with 100% bungalow, roof is made of grass that will make your accommodation becomes extremely cool. Each bungalow is about 30 square meters in size, in rectangular shape with main doors equipped with tempered glass, not afraid of the impact of nature. Each bungalow has two windows that allow you to enjoy the large primeval forest of the island, just to welcome the sunrise with gentle sea breeze in each morning.

With open space suitable for resort and a place for check-in lovers, a bungalow price is only about 1,000,000 VND / night in weekdays and 1,400,000 VND /night in Saturday, Sunday, including breakfast buffet and transfer from port. Coming to Coto Life, visitors can join a barbecue at the beach along with the curtain fluttering and lights or can dance on romantic tracks under the moonlight.

Co To Gardens

Lying near Co To Life is Co To Gardens – a cheap but super-quality resort. Each resort in Co To is alike at the “quality” point, but the quality of each place is completely different. If Co To Life is the image of the rectangular frames in the open sea, Co To Gardens is the image of the colorful train carriages by wood.

Located in a convenient geographical location for vacations, near the two beautiful beaches of Co To: Van Chay beach and Hong Van beach, the “train” Co To Gardens will give you a very enjoyable experience in the nature of the blue sea and mountains. From Co To Gardens you can walk with friends on the smooth sand to go to the sea, welcome a new day with full peace.

The purpose of Co To Gardens is to provide visitors with a refreshing summer so the main structure of this resort has been adapted into a cool and airy garden structure. Each carriage is made of 100% wood to make visitors feel most comfortable in the summer heat. The privileges for visitors to choose Co To Gardens as a resort will be free of charge for transfer from the port to Co To Gardens and vice versa, each carriage is equipped with 3 free terrain bikes for guests to move freely. At the same time visitors will be checked in at an extreme resort on the paradise island of Co To!

Eco Lodge via

Eco Lodge – “Co To duck huts”

Located right on Hong Van beach, Eco Lodge Co To, also known as “Co To duck huts” is the last resort in the list so that visitors can enjoy the feeling of fresh summer days in the area.

Different from the two resorts, Eco Lodge has a real classic style and the priority of the Eco Lodge is the proximity and environmental protection. Eco Lodge includes 18 wooden bungalows with grass roofs to bring the cool of the sea to visitors. But the point of Eco Lodge is that, if you choose this place is your place of residence, Eco Lodge will give you a truly separated away experience from the modern rush of life.

Each bungalow at the “duck huts” is designed from recycled materials, close to the environment. “Duck huts” will let you experience the peace of life when the wifi, television, air conditioning or hi-tech equipment are not equipped here. It will not be the life with smartphone, laptop, Ipad with 24/24 that now in Co To, it is only you, your friends, blue sea, white sand, sunshine and a peaceful life. You can also take part in outdoor parties on fine white sand, with some music and your partner too!

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