A guide for Halong summer trips


Bringing the necessary items, visiting the bay by cruise ship, finding some own space, etc are the suggestions to help travelers have an interesting journey to Halong.

>>  Unique and attractive experiences in Halong

From May to September is a good time for visitors to choose a place to enjoy the cool air of summer in the waters or on the mountains. If you like the sea, Halong will be interesting destination because of the blue sky, sunshine and white sand. The following suggestions will help you make a great trip and experience an interesting summer trip.

Select main attractions

Normally, when referring to Halong, Quang Ninh, many tourists think of Halong Bay – the natural wonder of the world, brilliant Bai Chay at night or modern Tuan Chau in daytime. However, recently, Bai Tu Long Bay has emerged as a new factor for domestic and foreign tourists. If Halong Bay is a beautiful girl, Bai Tu Long Bay is a mysterious girl who is full of enchanting.

Bai Tu Long Bay via Bhaya Group

If you are looking for a new map road and a quiet place, few tourists with beautiful and attractive scenery, Bai Tu Long Bay with beautiful beaches, ancient cave systems or wild fishing villages promises to give you new amazing experiences. On the other hand, if you like a bustling place, Halong Bay is another interesting choice for you. Besides, if you have a lot of time, you can choose to visit both places. Each place will bring you special features and different feelings.

Choose accommodation in Halong

The guesthouses or hotels are mainly located in Vuon Dao street area, where prices range from 250,000 VND or more. Around the area, there are many eateries, good restaurants with reasonable prices. Below is a list of good hotels in Halong that are most appreciated by visitors to the location, food, utilities, service attitude in Halong.

Van Nam Hotel

Address: Vuon Dao street, Halong city.

At the lowest price of around $ 10, this hotel is a great choice if you want to save money. The location is beautiful, convenient and close to the beach, service attitude is friendly. This is the leading low cost hotel in Halong.

Alex (Hai Ninh) Hotel

Address: 28A Anh Dao Street.

A little further away, the furnishings and facilities are at a premium level, but for only $ 8 – $ 10, this is a relatively cheap option for travelers. Of course you can not have too high requirements from this hotel. It offers wifi, TV and a small refrigerator.

Saigon Halong Hotel via Booking.com

Saigon Halong Hotel

Address: Halong Road

This is a reasonably priced, comfortable, beautiful and quality hotel that you can book. The hotel is always in the top of the most booked hotels in Halong. The lowest price is around $ 30, sometimes the hotel offers promotions up to 30%, 40%. Many facilities are equivalent to 4 – 5 star hotels such as Golf course in place, swimming pool, spa, massage, sauna, tennis, gym and children’s pool separately.

Palace Hotel Halong

Address: Halong Road

This hotel is also very well located. The hotel is beautiful, relatively large with nice and clean 111 rooms, large swimming pool. It also has a gym center and garden, nice, modern and luxurious furniture. Lowest price is around $ 50, relatively satisfied with the quality it brings.

Novotel Halong Hotel

Address: 160 Halong Road.

Good location, large scale in the chain of Novotel hotel system, this hotel has beautiful interior with modern and luxurious style. It has a system of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shop, bar. Also there is a pool, garden, gym, massage. Scale up to 225 rooms, rates up to $ 100, this is a 4 star hotel where you want to enjoy the relaxation, comfort and no care of cost.

Cruises on Halong Bay via Cat Ba Locals

Experience a cruise on the bay

Recently, the phrase “Halong Cruise” has become familiar to many visitors. Visiting Halong by boat is something quite new and interesting to tourists in Vietnam during the summer. In order to create favorable conditions for visitors to visit Halong Bay from the deck, cruise companies often offer attractive promotions and packages for tourists.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay on luxury yachts, comfortable activities on pristine beaches such as Ban Chan, Ba Trai Dao, kayaking at Bright cave, Dark cave or visit Vung Vieng fishing village.

Bring necessary items

One of the tips when visiting Halong in the summer is that visitors should bring sunglasses, insect repellent and some other common medicine. If you take a tour on a yacht, remember to bring your ID card. For those who like to bathe when traveling to Halong, remember to bring sunscreen, wide hat, large towel because it is very cool in the water but when out the sunshine can cause harm for skin. In addition, a camera will be essential items that visitors can record the beautiful moments of their trip.

On the journey to discover Halong, visitors also need to pay attention to the jellyfish underwater if swimming in the bay in the middle of May to July. Visitors should pay attention to the guidance of the guide because it is the time the most poisonous jellyfish appear, which can cause a rash on the skin.

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