9 routes of rock climbing in Cat Ba island


Rock climbing is one of the adventure travel services attracted crowded tourists during this holiday. This time, we would like to show you 9 ideal climbing routes in the North of Vietnam, located around the Cat Ba area.

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If in this summer you intend to “change the atmosphere” from a romantic vacation to stronger feeling, the information below will help you and your family. Climbing is not only a great adventure for young people and families on vacation, but it is also good for your health.

“A?a??o A?a?�u Bê” – Dau Be island

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Dau Be island

Dau Be island is a small island in Halong Bay, about 2 hours by boat from Cat Ba. The cliffs are triangular, very straight with many lime stones. If you want to climb on this island, you must use safe hooks. This route is first established by Andy Parkin and Greg Child in 1998, then replaced and added by another route in 2008.

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“Ba??n Bèo” – Beo port

Beo port

Beo port is the main port of Cat Ba island, located about 2km from Cat Ba town. The cliffs are right next door with 5 climbing lines on level 7 that were built by Slopony in 2008. The quality of the cliffs is very good, but in the summer it may be a little slippery so it will be harder to cling. At the beginning of climbing, you need to pay a little attention because the bottom of the wall is usually where the fishermen spread net or electrical wire.

“Bãi bia�?n Vân Bôi” – Van Boi beach

Van Boi beach

Van Boi is a small beach not far from Cat Ba and has challenging climbing lines up to the top of the rock. The climbing lines here consist of 3 sport routes (hooked in 2006-2007), 2 traditional lines and many other lines that can be used for climbing. Level of the line is from 4a to 6b, but the quality of stone changes quite much.

“A?a??o Ba trái A�ào” – Ba trai dao island

Ba trai dao island

Ba trai dao island is located 1 hour 30-minute boat ride from Cat Ba, with a sports climbing line and a traditional line. There are some other lines that have been hooked in the last two years. Difficulty of the lines is 4a and above.

“Hang Cá” – Fish cave

Fish cave

Fish cave is a popular tourist spot on Lan Ha Bay with 3 enclosed lakes behind the cave entrance. This place is suitable for mixed groups of climbers or some groups who just want to enjoy the sea. The creeks here are located in and off the way to the first enclosed lake. There are 5 climbing lines with the level from 5a to 7 which are accessible at low tide.

“Vách A�á Ba anh em” – 3-brother cliff

3-brother cliff

This cliff is located near a floating fishing village with travel services. Cliff is cupcake-shaped. Going from Cat Ba town to fishing village takes about 1 hour by train. There are over 6 climbing lines, the water is deep enough to climb freely. When the tide is low, it will be difficult to climb as you have to jump off the boat to claw.

“A?a??o Tiên Ông” – Tien Ong island

Tien Ong island

Tien Ong island lies on Lan Ha Bay, which consists of two parts: an island with a small cave and the rest is a cliff with large stalactites. This island is about 1h30p far from Cat Ba island by boat, there are over 8 good climbing lines, easy access at high tide. The topography and depth of the sea are suitable for free climbing on the sea. Notice the limestone tips at the door and in the cave, as well as the starting point terrain. For those who are afraid of risk, this is the ideal climbing point with low walls, simple climbing line.

“A?a??o Yên Nga��a” – Saddle islet

Saddle islet

Saddle island is a small rock island located in the north of Ha Long Bay. The rocky island is quite far from Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay, but it is a potential place for free climbing at sea with climbing lines just below the cave and to the west and north of the island.

“Hòn Bút” – Pen islet

Pen islet

Pen island is located on Lan Ha Bay, about 1 hour by boat from Cat Ba Island. The island is a large limestone mass that has been worn into the frog’s legs by the waves, making it an ideal place for free climbing. The starting point of the climbing path is relatively easy and short, up to the wall to jump. If you want to climb to the top, then climb traditionally. On the Southeast side of the Pen island is a fine cliff which can be used to DWS climb very well with the vertical way.

Rock climbing in Cat Ba area is very attractive, this place can supply you many good rock climbing routes. If you want to try some limestone cliffs, Cat Ba will be your best choice.