8 romantic experiences in Co To island


Tourists are familiar with the beaches along the Central and South region that are famous as Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Phu Yen, Ninh Thuan … but not know that the sea in the Gulf of Tonkin is also extremely beautiful and poetic. Co To island (Quang Ninh) is also in that list. Since the series review of Co To in broadcast, suddenly Co To has become a new destination for young people in summer because the sea is still very wild and the cost of a trip is very reasonable.

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Co To is an archipelago located on the eastern side of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province, covering an area of 47.3 km², with more than 50 large and small rock islands stretching across the area. And if you are wondering what Co To is beautiful for beside the sea, check out the 8 experiences below in Co To!

1. Waiting dawn in Cau My rock reef

Dawn in Co To is always covered by a a mysterious purple that is hard to describe. Regardless of where you watch the sunrise on the sea, you will easily be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.

Referred as the most beautiful watching dawn spot in Co To, Cau My is a combination of rock formations with strange shapes and blue waves of Co To sea. Layers of stone with different colors, different shapes make the scene appear here as a vivid picture that is full of creative features from nature.

Cau My rock reef via Bao Quang Ninh

Couples also do not miss this ultra-romantic place. Holding hands and feeling the wind on the cape of Cau My rock reef deserve to be an experience that you should do once in a lifetime.

2. Exploring Bac Van beach

Located about 11 km from Co To town center, the Bac Van port is a very calm, peaceful sea waters. From the wharf bridge, you can see the beach of Bac Van with a length of nearly 15 km running towards the end of the island. The whole scene is a wonderful and wild beauty under the sun and wind of Co To island.

3. Walking on Love Road

Anyone who comes to Co To will be whispered about a very romantic love road here. The road is more than 2 km away from the center of Co To town. The road is 100 meter wide with red brick tiles stretching along the beach coast, two sides are two green tree ranges that will conquer any couple coming here. Whether walking or cycling, you will also feel the atmosphere is extremely romantic. This is also where couples choose to be the best wedding photo shoot place.

Love Road via Co To Tourist

4. Checking out Hong Van beach

Hong Van beach is located 7 km from Co To town, in Hong Hai village, Dong Tien commune. Located away from the crowded residential area, Hong Van owns white sand shores stretching along, calm sea and gentle waves. On the sand shore, there are unique wooden houses, close to nature, suitable for you to admire the scenery.

From the wharf, you can rent a motorbike taxi to Hong Van beach for 50,000 VND. Then, you rent a motorbike at around 200,000 VND a day to visit other tourist spots in the island.

5. Staying in wooden houses in Co To beach

Unique wooden houses in Co To beach are something you should not miss when visiting this place. With an average price of 500,000 VND / room / person, with flexible services such as means of transportation, BBQ on the beach … the bungalow experience will give you some exciting moments this summer. Note that you should book in advance, as the summer comes, this wooden bungalows are in situation of scarce room. A recommendation to you is the wooden houses of Coto Eco Lodge very highly appreciated.

Coto Eco Lodgevia Agoda

6. Swimming in Van Chay beach

Why Van Chay is known as the most beautiful beach Co To? Because the water here is very clear, the long sand shore is fine white and clean; the beautiful sea waves are only 2 – 3 meter, suitable for tourists swimming and playing without fear of any danger.

7. Visiting Co To Lighthouse

Co To lighthouse is one of more than 30 lighthouses operating throughout Vietnam, with a height of 118 meter above the sea level. To get there, you have to cross steep bends to reach the lighthouse, then climb the next 72 steps from the bottom to the top. Here, you can freely zoom out and enjoy the blue scenery of the sky and Co To sea.

8. Enjoying fresh seafood

After a tired day, there is nothing more poetic than lying on the beach, watching the sun going down at the foot of the mountain. Then look a yellow color will cover the surface of Co To sea?

Most of the Co To tourism companies now offer beach BBQ parties on a daily basis for visitors. What’s interesting? Certainly that is the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood caught right at Co To on the set of tables and chairs set up in separate romantic style. You can cook your own seafood, then spend the full time of the night to sip a cup of white wine, next to your friends or lovers.

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