7 Interesting experiences in Cat Ba you should try


Cat Ba is always an ideal destination to avoid the heat of summer in the North. Many people think that going to Cat Ba only to bathe, however, that thinking will change when reading the sharing of the experiences in Cat Ba below. There is an interesting, romantic and attractive Cat Ba waiting for you to discover!

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Watch the sunset at the Cannon Fort

Coming to the sea, what are more romantic than holding your beloved’s hands, sitting together and watching the beautiful sunset. In Cat Ba, there are quite many rocky mountains in the sea, and the most suitable place for you to watch the beautiful sunset on the sea is the Cannon Fort where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the town on high. In addition, here you can also explore and learn more about Cat Ba through the historical remains left from the war to now.

Explore Cat Ba National Park

A worth point to discover for those who love nature, animals and adventure is the Cat Ba National Park. Here, visitors have the opportunity to be closer to the nature on the island, and enjoy the fresh air, want to escape from the city to come here to relax. This is an experience you should do in Cat Ba. Especially, in Cat Ba National Park, there is Mount Ngu Lam, you can climb there and watch the beautiful mountain view considered one of the most beautiful and unique view on the island.

Camping at a wild beach via ELLE

Camp at a wild beach

Let bring your friends and family to Cat Ba this summer to have fun together, experience new things in Cat Ba with overnight camping activities at a wild beach on Cat Ba island. Surely this will be the happiest and most cherished moments in every young person’s life. A barbecue party on the beach is also fun, making you feel like being in “Robinson on the desert island”.

Climb the mountain

Are you a traveling and challenging adventure lover? What is better than when you experience the climbing activities in Dau Be Island, Ba Trai Dao Island or Monkey Island on the sea? Take the boat from Cat Ba tourist port to conquer the summits.

Walk around Cat Ba town at night

If in daytime, you live in a busy space because of tourism activities in Cat Ba, nightlife in Cat Ba is quite a few services to play, besides bar services and small clubs. At night, the atmosphere on the island is quite quiet and calm, but you can walk along the beach at night that is also an interesting way to experience Cat Ba island.

Night on the island, the sea breeze blowing, the temperature has dropped a bit, let enjoy the fresh air and peaceful moments. Going round the island with a tandem bicycle, or bicycles for 3, 4 people is quite fun, and favored by many people. In addition, a romantic point in the evening for couples is the area connecting stairs from Cat Co beach 1, 2, 3 together.

Go squid fishing

A kind of experience you should try in Cat Ba with entertainment but quite expensive is the night squid fishing in Cat Ba island. The price for a short trip is about 500,000 VND. To join this service, you can ask the staff at the hotel to contact or ask directly with the raft owners, fishermen and boat drivers at the port bridge in the center of Cat Ba island town.

Night squid fishing via Zing.vn

Normally to go squid fishing, people have to go far in the sea, but because of deep sea characteristics, high salinity and few large waves, Cat Ba becomes a suitable place for squid to live on the shore. The squid fishing rod is quite simple, just some bamboo rods that are more than one meter long, with a wire attached to the cluster hook, the top of which is a colorful plastic shrimp shaped object and a bright hurricane lamp to attract the squids, so at first glance it is easy but actually it is very difficult. With some experience of dedicated fishermen, surely visitors would really like to jerk the fishing rod with a heavy squid. This experience will surely make visitors unforgettable.

Attracted by the light, the squids concentrate under the electric light, then you can drop the rod into the water and occasionally jerk the fishing rod to attract squids. To say that, the fact squid fishing is not simple but it is a skillful art.

Visit an ancient village

In Cat Ba there are many ancient fishing villages, but perhaps the largest ancient fishing village in Vietnam is Cai Beo fishing village. At this tourist site, you will have a tour around the village with many special activities of the fishing land. The people in the village are very friendly and enthusiastic, they can also invite you to visit the rafts.

Another ancient fishing village is Viet Hai that is also quite famous in Cat Ba with various types of ecological services. To move to this ancient village, you can go by wooden boat for 300,000 VND / trip or go kayaking or trekking across the Cat Ba National Park.

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