3 beautiful flower festivals in Quang Ninh


At the end of December, tourists together head to Ha Giang to see the buckwheat flower, sunflowers in Nghe An and white flowers of camellia oleifera in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh. Not many people know that in the whole year, Quang Ninh has 3 flower festivals that will make everyone happy to visit.

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Halong Cherry Blossom Festival & Yen Tu Yellow Apricot

Organized for the first time in 2013, Halong Cherry Blossom Festival has become a special cultural event, attracting many local people as well as tourists looking forward to and favoring after 4 years of organization. The festival usually takes place in April every year, reflecting the traditional cultural space and beautiful scenery of Japan.

Particularly, the festival brings back the cherry blossom trees blooming bright pink next to the Yen Tu yellow apricot trees of the Buddhist land of Quang Ninh turning the festive space into a selfie point for young people and tourists.

There are many activities in the framework of the festival including: Opening Ceremony with Vietnamese and Japanese cultural and art exchange activities by Vietnamese and Japanese artists; introducing some traditional Japanese culture, exhibiting Japanese cherry blossom and Yen Tu yellow apricot; exhibiting booths of corporations, enterprises and investors currently investing in Halong and Japan.

In addition, there are cultural exchanges and some folk games of the two countries; cooperation and investment meetings in tourism development between Vietnamese and Japanese companies.

Ba Vang Pagoda Chrysanthemum Festival via Bao Quang Ninh

Chrysanthemum Festival in Ba Vang Pagoda

In order to restore an ancient beauty in the Vietnamese traditional culture, Ba Vang Pagoda Chrysanthemum Festival (Uong Bi city) was held for the first time in 2013. This festival took place on 9th September of lunar year on the occasion of Trung Duong Tet, the Tet of chrysanthemum. By 2016, this flower festival was held for the second time.

The chrysanthemum festival is considered the great ceremony of Ba Vang Pagoda, gathering more than 100 species of chrysanthemum from the inside and outside the country to create a full of spiritual art space. Each flower cluster is decorated in a modern style combining tradition with the meaning of the spirit and Buddhist philosophy such as flower to be grateful to parents, to country heroes, to teachers…

Throughout the festival, there are ceremonial procession of chrysanthemum mascot, new rice offering, tea making ceremony, and a ceremony of gratitude, along with cultural activities such as calligraphy, dances and songs to Buddhism, Meditation tea and listening to lectures, cuisine activities.

The flowers are arranged artisans skillfully, faithfully and creatively. With the harmonious combination of modern and ancient style, the festival gives visitors not only exciting discoveries, peaceful moments in front of the beauty of the daisies, but also raises in the soul of the noble moral values a��a��of man.

Camellia Oleifera Flower via VOV Giao thong

Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival in Binh Lieu

The 3rd Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival took place from 15th – 17th December, 2017 at camellia oleifera forest center of Dong Long Village, Dong Tam Commune, Binh Lieu District with the theme “Binh Lieu – Camellia Oleifera Flower Season”.

Binh Lieu Camellia Oleifera Flower Festival in 2017 took place with many activities: Opening Ceremony of Flower Festival in 2017 in Dong Long village, Dong Tam commune; display space, introduction and promotion of OCOP products in the forest area, Dong Long village, Dong Tam commune; Art program of camellia oleifera flower festival in 2017 taken place at 25th December Square.

In the first year of the organizing, the beauty of camellia oleifera flowers has succeed and left a good impression in the hearts of visitors. As a result, festivals from the commune level have developed into the district level.

Coming to the festival, tourists will be lost in the forest with pure white flowers blooming on the green foliages. In addition, visitors can enjoy the natural scenery of mountains and forests with terraced rice fields, the border roads curved with white reed hills, white waterfalls and also experience the cultural space of ethnic groups in Binh Lieu with traditional costumes.

Guests also enjoy the dances, folk songs of ethnic minority people, participate in folk games, the national sports such as “còn” throwing, pounding rice by hand, push the stick, spinning …; enjoy the taste of unique dishes in the traditional new rice festival …

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