Unique dishes in Halong


Boiled squid with guava leaves, banh cuon (steamed rice pancake) with grilled chopped squid or stir fried noodles with mud clam are delicious dishes favored by locals and tourists. Besides oysters, snails, peanut worms, Halong also has many seafood dishes that visitors should try when coming here.

>>Famous specialties only in Quang Ninh

Boiled squid with guava leaves

This dish consists of delicious fresh squid, tamarind juice and guava leaves. Squid should be light, blue with the smooth skin. After initial cleaning process, the chef lined guava leaves at the bottom of the pot, followed by squid, tamarind juice and other guava leaf layer. The steaming time is only about 10 minutes, until the squid turns purple and shrinks.

Using guava leaves as a raw material make this dish have a characteristic acrid, and a slight sour taste from tamarind, suitable to eat with rice or serve with chili ginger fish sauce. Some recommendations include Bai Chay, Vuon Dao, Cai Dam market, Ben Doan

Boiled squid with guava leaves via Nha Hang Vuon Pho

Banh cuon (steamed rice pancake) with grilled chopped squid

What makes the difference for banh cuon with many places is a piece of grilled chopped squid. For a delicious piece of grilled chopped squid, chefs often choose fresh squids. After initial processing, squids are pounded by hand to have the necessary crunchiness.

Some places also add fat, ice when frying, frying pieces will expand, be crispy and delicious. The sauce is served with sweet and sour sauce. In addition, each part has some raw vegetables.

Stir fried noodles with mud clam

Mud clam is in the shellfish, living in the sea mud. When buying, the processor uses a knife to remove the shell, meat, wash sand and then chop. Noodles are cut short and dry. Other ingredients include black fungus, mushrooms, onions prepared carefully.

When there are guests, the owner starts frying onions, pours noodles and mud clams in the fried pan, nearly cooked then adds new materials. This dish is usually served hot with fragrant pepper.

Stir fried noodles with mud clam via Zing.vn

Tai long ep cake

The cake is a snack and also a dish in Tet holiday for the people of Quang Ninh.

Tai long ep cake can be called by many different names such as “ta nong ep”, “tai nong ep”, also called fortune cake in some places. This is a dish that is considered the specialty of San Diu people in Quang Ninh. San Diu ethnic groups live mainly in Halong City, Cam Pha, Van Don … and scattered in some mountainous provinces in the North. Tai long ep cake and other dishes of the San Diu people are also popular because it is very rustic, easy to eat and delicious.

The outside look seems simple but the way to make this cake with the strange name is quite complex and must go through many stages. In the past, people used to make it by counting 7 parts of sticky rice and 3 parts of normal rice, now instead they use sticky rice with brown sugar or molasses. One kilogram of powder uses half a kilogram of sugar melted with a little ginger juice.

The kneading process takes time, the baker knead until the dough is not sticky to hands. Then lay the cakes on banana leaves, pour peanuts, roasted sesame seeds on the cakes and add another layer of banana leaves, and finally steam the cake. It takes from 6 to 8 hours with thin cakes, and about 12 hours with thick cakes. Just use a chopstick to skewer through the dough to try, if the dough is sticking to the chopstick, it is not cooked well. When the product has been removed from the steam boiler, the smoke is scented with sweet scent of ginger and sugar. The cake is yellowish brown, on the face is peanuts and sesame sprinkled regularly.

Tai long ep cake via Amthuc365.vn

The cakes are sold scattered in many places in Quang Ninh, but the place has to include the stalls along the road to the temple Tran Quoc Nghien (or Cua Ong temple) in Cam Pha city. In the life of Quang Ninh people and especially San Diu, this fragrant cake is not only a snack food, but also a cake to celebrate in the holidays. When there are guests to the house to visit, the cake is also a gift to gracefully bring the story along with sipping green tea.

Sam (Horseshoe crab)

In the past, people did not eat sam very much, but slowly it became a specialty. Not every sea has sam. Sea people often process one pair of sam, because it is thought that processing only one will lead to be allergic.

Sam is processed into quite a lot of dishes like sweet sour fried, grilled chopped, fried egg sam … They are very strange and delicious. However, if you have a “history” of allergy, or cold stomach with seafood, do not eat or just eat less. The most famous place for sam in Halong is Sam Mrs. Ty in Alley 6 Cao Thang. In the afternoon at the snack area of Halong 1 market also has a row of sweet and sour sam legs, grilled chopped sam. Another famous address is Quang Yen, located on the road from Halong to Hanoi. Sea sam is quite expensive, an average plate is about 150,000 VND.

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