Top street foods in Halong


Halong is famous for its seafood. But the great thing about this beautiful seaside city is not only the dishes that are already famous.

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Loong Toong market

Halong has a very rich street food culture. Coming to Bai Chay bridge pier, you will reach Loong Tong intersection. This is one of the two largest shopping centers in Halong City. You can go shopping freely, but do not forget to leave a little early; otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the best snacks at the end of the market street.

Loong Toong market

The cold days are a good time for you to slowly enjoy a hot stew or an extremely spicy dried beef salad. The powder porridge is also nearby, enjoy a bowl of porridge with finger-shaped souflé batter for only 5k. The owner of the porridge stall also actively “advertises” other hot cake stall; you can spend another 20 thousand VND more to taste the Halong Hot Cakes and enjoy the taste of it. These dishes have made their own brand for Loong Tong market in the mind and soul of many young people in Halong.

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Bypass Loong Tong market, go another few hundred meters to the Kenh Liem three-way crossroads, this crowded crossroad is the place where the second food market. Here, in addition to the dishes mentioned above, it is also famous for sweet porridge stalls, barbecue noodles or Thai sweet porridge, pho cuon restaurants. These are the familiar addresses of students because the dishes are not only delicious, but also extremely tonic and cheap. Pho cuon is not the only Hanoi dish sold in Halong, the more famous dishes are jackfruit yogurt and Khuc Bach sweet porridge. Mono Restaurant is a reliable address for you to come to enjoy, because with many young students away from home, there is no place to enjoy such a delicious jackfruit yogurt and Khuc Bach sweet porridge. If you come back to Halong but accidentally remember the dish “nem chua rán bà già”, you can also note in the manual that: Mono restaurant is the only place selling this dish in Halong.

Jackfruit yogurt

…to the pillar market

If you are a fan of popping pearl yogurt, do not hesitate to go to the pillar 2 market located next to Quang Ninh Television Station. Although it is just a small market, but you will meet a stall that sells the best popping pearl yogurt in Halong Bay. The dish is a combination of the “handmade” yogurt and the white round popping pearls which are boiled thoroughly, so they are tough and crispy, combined with the scent of coconut milk, the fatty taste of sesames and coconut yarns. This food has the capability of pulling you in the stall for an hour and only leaving when your belly is full of food. With less than 30 thousand VND, the food in this place can make you feel full. There is also snail stall for seafood lovers of this world heritage site. Halong snails ensure three criterias of fresh – clean – tasty, they are processed with the method which has long been the secret of stall owner so that the dish is extremely delicious, especially the spicy sauteed snail. You just need to eat once to never forget this special dish.

Quang Ninh Television Station

If you love the Hue food, especially the clear dumplings, Halong is also willing to serve. Come to the small stall located in the crowded pillar 3 market, it sells only a few hours in the afternoon but extremely crowded. The stall owner is a woman from Hue with a smooth voice.

For only the young people loving seafood in Halong, without having to spend too much money to enjoy all kinds of delicious seafood, you can try to wake up and eat breakfast when the clock is just 7h. Walking along the beach, you will see a lot of seafood noodle stall on the road side. Prawn noodles, crab noodles, sea crab noodles, mantis shrimp vermicelli noodles…They will make you admire the deliciousness of the fresh seafood in Halong. The prices are also not too high: only from 35 thousand VND to 40 thousand VND for a full bowl of delicious noodles. If you do not like to eat seafood in the morning, then turn to Halong 1 market to eat the famous goose noodles of grandmother. This is the food that even indigenous people can never forget to enjoy for each time they go to Halong market.

Mantis shrimp vermicelli noodles

The street foods of Halong is actually more abundant. There are many other delicious street foods in this city we cannot listed fully. If you want to experience all of them, you should come to Halong once.