Top special foods you should not miss when coming to Cat Ba island


Cat Ba island is the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin. In this island, there are many special things that you need to explore, especially about its food. Like other islands and regions, Cat Ba also has its own specialties which can attract many tourists by their taste, aroma and beauty. Here are the specialties that can keep your foot in the beautiful and hospitable Cat Ba island.

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“Tu Hài” – Geoduck Clam

Geoduck Clam

Geoduck Clams, also known as Geoduck, are known as a rare seafood with high nutrition and special taste. The Geoduck Clams can appear in many regions and locals, but the best place to enjoy it is Cat Ba Island, where the sea is suitable for the growth and development of this kind of mollusk.

Geoduck Clams can be processed by many ways such as: baking, roasting, cooking with porridge, etc. But the most delicious one is the steamed Geoduck Clams with aromatic aromas.

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“Sam Bia�?n” – Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe crab

Horseshoe Crabs usually live in pairs, weigh one kilogram, the male is only a half of the female. The two male and female always stay a pair, so ancient people formed the saying “love like Horseshoe Crabs”.

When Horseshoe Crabs was caught, people often leave the males by they contain less meat, only catch the females. After Horseshoe Crabs was slaughtered, they can be processed into dozens of dishes. Popular dishes are soup dished, spicy, sour and hot dishes, etc. Processing the Horseshoe Crabs always needs the vegetables like galangal, lemongrass, chili, vinegar; typical vegetables like leaf, onions, broccoli, etc. Among the dishes from Horseshoe Crabs, the most attractive is grilled sam, sweet and sour stir-fried Horseshoe Crabs.

“Cá Song” – Garrupa


Garrupas are the fish living in the warm water areas of Pacific Ocean and they contain up to 37 species. In Vietnam, there are about 30 species. Particularly, in Cat Ba island, there are three types: “cá song ma�?”, “cá song A�en” và “cá song cáo”. Garrupas are fierce fish that eat other small sea animals and they give us high nutritional value. From Garrupas, they make many attractive and nutritious dishes, such as: salad, porridge, hot pot, steamed dishes, sauce, grilled dishes … In addition to the deliciousness of the dishes, fishing at night also attracts tourists.

“Tôm Hùm” – Lobster


Honored as the king of high-value seafood, lobsters attract guests with the solid, tough and sweet meat. But a few people know that the essence of lobsters is not in the two claws, admirable size or the sweetness of meat, they attract by the dash at the lobster head and it is the yellow strip along the back of lobsters. You can process lobster into many dishes but simply delicious dishes are steaming or baking.

“Ra??n Bia�?n” – Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent

Sea Serpents have small and slim bodies, about 1-2m long with scales. Their small heads are covered with horns; the venomous teeth are located in the upper jaw.

When people process sea serpents, they will remove their organs, leaving only the bile and fat layer. After that, rinsing the blood in their bodies by 90-degree alcohol (do not wash with water) and then dry them. The fresh blood of sea serpents is mixed with wine and aroma to drink, it can treat dizziness, back pain, bone aches, etc.

“Cá Ha��ng và Cá Giò” – Red Snapper and Cobia

Red Snapper

The sea has generously donated to Cat Ba island these two types of fish with their rich in nutritional and economic value. From them, people have processed into a lot of food, such as: salad, hot pot, steamed dishes, sauce, grilled dishes.

“Bún Tôm Cát Bà” – Cat Ba Rice Vermicelli with Shrimp

Cat Ba Rice Vermicelli with Shrimp

Rice Vermicelli with Shrimp in Cat Ba attracts the visitor by its taste of the broth, the aroma of fresh sea shrimp, fish balls, the indispensable smell of betel leaf wrapped pork balls. But more especially, the taste of sour tamarind juice can completely replace for the taste of vinegar and lemon. The vermicelli is served with a little bit of raw vegetables and some chili when eating.

The cuisine in Cat Ba island is really diversified, there are many other delicious foods which are not listed. If you come to visit Cat Ba, do not miss the chance to enjoy the dishes of this area.