Specialties in Halong and where to eat (Part 2)


Stir-fried Snails

With a variety of snails and different processing methods, if you come to Halong, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the snail stir fry. When eating, diners may be served with sweet and sour fish sauce or soaking the frying sauce is enough. It is called stir fry but not use oil, so the snails are not greasy, but they are crispy and spicy. This dish is often referred to tourists in wine meals and popular in Gieng Don , near Bai Chay tourist area. The price is about 30,000-70,000 VND per plate.

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Seafood spots in Halong

Delicious and cheap seafood address is a concern of many visitors when coming to Halong. Depending on the conditions and length of stay, you can choose one of the following suggestions to enjoy delicious seafood from the sea when visiting this coastal city.

The most popular way of enjoying Halong Bay seafood is to eat on the boats during the tour. Depending on the price of the tour, the boat owners offer a variety of seafood delicacies. Often the dishes served on the ship are easy to prepare such as steamed clams, fried squid, grilled geoduck with the price of 120,000 to 200,000 per person per meal. You will have to book in advance if you want to enjoy a seafood lunch between the mountains and sea.

Meals on the cruise via Du thuyen Ha Long – Halongcruise.vn

For those who have longer time to stay in Halong, the opportunity to choose seafood venues here is therefore richer. You can eat after bathing in restaurants around Bai Chay tourist center if you are afraid to go far. However, the price here is the most expensive because the location is best in the area. If you want to enjoy the fresh taste of greasy crabs when stepping on the shore, please remember asking price before ordering.

About 800 m away from the center of the beach is Vuon Dao area. This place is focused on many medium hotels and restaurants selected by many tour groups to Bai Chay. If you stay here, just walk down the street for some steps, you are able to enjoy seafood dishes in the adjacent shops. However, due to its proximity to the center, the prices here are still quite high compared to the average in other places.

If you want to find affordable seafood dining places and still near Bai Chay, you can go to Cai Dam market area, about 3 km from Bai Chay center. The restaurants in Cai Dam serve dishes made from live seafood at reasonable prices. In addition to dishes of the luxury types such as lobster, sea cucumber, abalone, visitors here also enjoy many types of unique and attractive snails such as sweet snail, troschel’s murex, red lipped snail,…

Cai Dam market via TripNow.vn

For those who are already well-acquainted with Halong tourism, they often go to seafood restaurants across the city. It is the pavement restaurants on the coastal embankment of Ben Doan area, about one km from Bai Chay bridge. You can feel the aroma of grilled oysters, clams and snails. Calling a glass of beer and sipping on a plate of grilled oysters, there would be nothing more wonderful than enjoying the salty taste of sea in the wind. The rustic style with low prices is the plus point that many tourists find this place.

A very interesting and special way to enjoy seafood in Halong is “dining on the raft”. This is the rustic name people here call floating restaurants on the sea specializing in seafood. To experience the unique taste of the “dining on the raft”, from Bai Chay you go 10 km further along Highway 18A to the beach restaurants at the column 5 area. Although the price is quite high, it is deserved a try. It is the fresh sea flavor of fish, shrimps, oysters, squid, crabs caught from cages. You just ask the price of fresh seafood and then the restaurant will process according to the wishes of the customers.

Those are popular specialties and addresses for you in Halong that you should try when visiting this coastal city. Hope that you have a nice trip in Halong with amazing cuisine journeys.

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