Specialties in Halong and where to eat (Part 1)


With the sea flavor, grilled chopped squid, grilled oysters have contributed to attract tourists to the romantic Halong city. Besides the delicious dishes can enjoy right in Halong, visitors can also choose some specialties as gifts to relatives and friends.

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Grilled chopped squid

Most famous in the list of Halong specialties is probably grilled chopped squid, made from fresh squid. What makes the taste characteristic of grilled chopped squid is the technique of hand grinding, instead of grinding machine as many other places. After being spiced, the rounded pieces are fried in a pan of boiling oil and turned yellowish and give a pleasant aroma. Thanks to that, Halong grilled chopped squid is crispy and the taste is very natural. Although prices are quite high, 300,000-450,000 per kg but tourists still want to buy when they have the opportunity to market.

Grilled oysters

Other than grilled chopped squid, grilled oysters are rarely purchased by tourists that often enjoy with beer along the coast line restaurants in the column 3, column 5 or Ben Doan.

Grilled oysters via Tours Halong Blogs

Cleaned oysters will be cooked by the owner on the grill of the charcoal stove so when guests order dishes, it should always be hot. After enjoy the white greasy oyster soup, the meat was dipped in chili lemon salt, the taste is simple but very delicious. More sophisticated than you can ask to grill oysters with grease or chili to change the taste. The price for a beer party for two people with a dish of oysters is only about 150,000-200,000 VND.

Fried sweet and sour sam (horseshoe crab)

Although it is quite strange to many visitors, with the Halong people sam is familiar and can be processed into many delicious dishes, one of them is sweet and sour fried sam. With the main ingredient is soft legs of sam and a lot of meat, when eating customers will feel the spicy, sour, salty, sweet flavor in each fiber and fragrant smell of piper lolot leaves. You can go to Gieng Don gourmet street to enjoy this dish, priced at 200,000-300,000 VND per dish.

Ba kích wine

This is a kind of wine soaked from the root of ba kich plants grown quite popular in some areas of Quang Ninh. Depending on the type of white or purple root that alcohol has the same color. Compared to typical wines in many other places, the alcohol is quite easy to drink, it has a pleasant aroma, and it does not cause headaches. In addition, drinking in a proper dose also has a beneficial effect on health. Visitors to Halong can call this specialty wine in any restaurant.

Sá sùng (peanut-worm)

One of the specialties that can be enjoyed on the spot and also as a gift is sá sùng, a kind of mollusk that is shaped close to earthworms. Therefore, they are also known as sea worms, sâm … At the restaurant in Halong, fresh sá sùng is mainly fried with garlic, pineapple or mixed vegetables to diners feel completely the taste of the sea.

Dry sá sùng via HaLongStyle

But if you intend to buy, it is best to choose dry sá sùng. The price of one kg of dry sá sùng is usually from one to three million depending on the type.

Shrimp noodles

Not only Hai Phong but Halong is also worth a try of shrimp noodles. Different from the port city, the type used in this dish in Halong is the small shrimp, peeled and fried for meat cooking. Thanks to that, when the shrimp is put into the bowl of noodles with broth will help to match up the red yellow color naturally. Vegetables eaten with shrimp noodles can be water dropwort, gai lan or super-sized elephant-ear. All make up the freshness and harmony for the dish.

Barnacle soup

The same family with oysters, but smaller and more rugged, sharply shells clinging to the rapids. Therefore, people must take a hammer to get them from the rock, and then crush the shell again. Although this phase is quite hard, the barnacle sour soup is very much delicious, especially during hot summer meals. Just 200 – 300 grams of peeled barnacle with tomatoes, scallions, tamarind or pineapples, you have a bowl of soup rightly without spending too much time. You can also order this at restaurants near Bai Chay area.

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