Horseshoe crab in Cat Ba island


Located in Hai Phong city, Cat Ba island is the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin. In this island, there are many special things that you need to explore, especially about its food. Horseshoe crab is one of the most delicious foods for your travel.

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Cat Ba island is 30 km far from the center of Hai Phong city. Cat Ba island has not only the famous attractions, but also many delicious foods and drinks. When coming to Cat Ba island, the visitors will have the chance to enjoy many special seafood dishes, such as: lobster, red snapper, garrupa, geoduck clam, horseshoe crab, and many others. It will be best when you sit on the boat and take some propolis wine with the garrupa dish and the high-class fish sauce. Among the seafood dishes, the horseshoe crab dishes are the most special foods. With the natural source, horseshoe crabs in Cat Ba always remain fresh and become one of the most popular foods for the visitors, especially in the summer days.

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Horseshoe crab is a kind of sea crabs, living in the deep sea. This crab has the hard carapace, with 8 legs. Horseshoe crab have the hard carapace like crab’s, its body is circular and flat. Horseshoe crabs usually live in pairs, weigh one kilogram, the male is only a half of the female. A female usually weighs 1 kg, and a male is 0.5 kg. The two male and female always stay a pair, so ancient people formed the saying “love like Horseshoe Crabs”. Horseshoe crab is the sea specialty of Cat Ba island; this food carries the typical taste only in Cat Ba. To catch the horseshoe crabs, the fish men must calculate the date to go to the sea.

The two male and female always stay a pair

You should spend some time to travel Cat Ba island in 2017 and enjoy the superb horseshoe crab dish which will keep you stay longer in this beautiful island.

Cat Ba horseshoe crab

When horseshoe crabs was caught, people often leave the males by they contain less meat, only catch the females. After horseshoe crabs was slaughtered, they can be processed into dozens of dishes. Popular dishes are soup dished, spicy, sour and hot dishes, etc. Processing the horseshoe crabs always needs the vegetables like galangal, lemongrass, chili, vinegar; typical vegetables like leaf, onions, broccoli, etc. Among the dishes from horseshoe crabs, the most attractive is grilled sam, sweet and sour stir-fried horseshoe crabs.

Horseshoe crab is one of the specialties of Cat Ba island. This seafood can be processed into many other dishes, such as: blood pudding, raw fish and vegetables, horseshoe crab fried with citronella and chilli, steamed, fried, grilled, etc. Because the horseshoe crabs cannot be grown, but they must be caught in the nature, the horseshoe crab dishes bring the taste of the sea which is very delicious, special and has the natural source, always fresh. The dishes made of horseshoe crabs are always delicious and typical. Horseshoe crab is a kind of cold-natured food, so you should eat this food with the hot spices, such as: galangal, citronella, chilli, etc. With the skills and talent of the cook, we will have the excellent dishes processed from horseshoe crabs with a very special taste.

This seafood can be processed into many other dishes

Especially, with the female horseshoe crabs which are gotten caught in the beginning of breeding season with a belly of eggs, visitors cannot miss the grilled horseshoe crabs and eggs. Put the horseshoe crabs on the barbeque, turn they around till they get ripen with the special aroma. Prepare all the attached vegetables and foods then enjoy the dishes.

The grilled horseshoe crabs and eggs

Use the spoon to take out the eggs and add freely the spices. The eggs of horseshoe crabs are fatty, aromatic, full of nutrients. After enjoying this food, visitors will never forget the taste and aroma of this seafood. Besides, the shells of horseshoe crabs can be used in making the skillful and attractive souvenirs.

Horseshoe crab is actually a specialty of Cat Ba island. This should be one of your first choices to try when coming to this island. To have the interesting journeys and tours, you can read more articles in our website.