Halong: Where to go on Christmas Eve


    Another Christmas season is coming, the shopping centers, shops, supermarkets, hotels in Halong City are decorated with colorful balls, pine trees, Santa Claus, reindeer car in shimmering colors.

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    On this Christmas, the young in Quang Ninh will not have to look far for wonderful scenery, Christmas atmosphere is covered on all the streets of Halong. This will be a very interesting and ideal check-in point.

    Not only at Vincom Halong Plaza, Times Garden in Halong, opposite the Clock, pine trees and colorful gifts are being decorated, promising to be a shining spot for young people when the lights are bright.

    Light Festival in Sun World Halong Complex

    If young people in Quang Ninh are still looking for a place to check – in on Christmas Eve, do not worry anymore, because in Halong there will be a very giant Light Festival at Sun World Halong Complex.

    Sun World Halong Complex via Nguoiduatin.vn

    This is the first light festival of Sun World Halong Complex for visitors. When coming here, visitors will experience the shimmering colorful, splendid scenery with extremely romantic lights.

    At the festival, the most prominent is flower garlands and coloured lanterns floating on the water around the Sun World Halong Complex decorated with sparkling light.

    Every scene becomes neurontin reviews, dapoxetine reviews. more romantic when covered with colorful light.

    Festival time: 20th December 2017 – 14th February 2018

    In particular, in this time, Sun World Halong Complex also launches many attractive incentives:

    – Up to 5% off when booking online at https://ticket.sunworld.vn

    – Buy 1 get 1 at Dragon Park: from now until 16th December 2017.

    – 50% discount on Queen cable tickets for Quang Ninh people on Thursdays.

    Christmas Eve in Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort

    Welcome Christmas on the shores of Halong Bay, in addition to the sparkling lights, fun music, you also experience the romantic and sweet winter moments, you also enjoy the wonderful experience at the four sides facing the sea resort of Vinpearl Halong.

    Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort via Katherine Belarmino

    Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort is the first and largest international 5-star on sea resort in the North. This is also the first resort complex of the Vinpearl system in the North, after the famous Vinpearl resorts in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Da Nang.

    Situated on Reu island, a pristine island on Halong Bay, Vinpearl Halong has a unique vision of 360 degrees, covering the entire legendary Halong Bay.

    Vinpearl Halong selected Neoclassical semi-classical architecture style – a completely new style compared to the existing Vinpearl chain – creating a perfect flawless architecture with magnificent, splendid style. With various types of rooms ranging from Deluxe Garden View, Deluxe Pool View, Family Suite, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite … Vinpearl Halong is suitable for a wide range of clients: from couples, families, friends to MICE guests.

    Owning the outdoor swimming pool system and especially the 4-season indoor swimming pool, Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort offers guests a full 5-star holiday experience in any season of the year.

    The restaurant is luxurious and graceful among the crystal clear water. In particular, visitors will experience the luxury meals at the five-star restaurant right on the ocean. The five star service system, favorable location, romantic natural landscape, Vinpearl Halong Bay Resort is a completely different luxury holiday resort product in Halong.

    Halong Bay trip in the winter

    In the cold of the winter, Halong Bay appears as a watery painting, gentle and appealing. The mystery is even more mesmerizing when enjoying a sparkling Christmas night on the shore and watching the beautiful city in the lights.

    Halong Bay cruises via Bao Moi

    Exploring Halong Bay, each season seems to have something interesting. If in the autumn, the sky is clear, the clouds fly in the sky, just standing far away can see clearly the islands. The winter is a completely different experience. The winter traveler wanders in the dreamy beauty of the mist to explore, to take out the curtain of the secret of creativity.

    Every moment is passing, what you see is the new scene, when far away hiding the islands, some close to the magnificent cliffs. As in the middle of the waves, travelers are overwhelmed and amazed when discovering hidden in the rocks are beautiful caves associated with many miraculous legends. Especially, Sung Sot cave – the top 10 most beautiful caves in the world, owning thousands of stalactites in many shapes will surprise you every moment.

    Conquering the steep stone steps, a splendid palace opens in the cool air flow. The first wide floor of the cave is a lot of glittering stalactites, stone elephants, stone seals, raspberries, bears … Stepping on the paving stone road more than 500 m, the lakes are clear and cool. Each drop of water falls as if each beat of time is passing. The second part is full of light like the beautiful garden with the ancient trees, dinosaurs, fairies … with the bird singing. Looks like that, but when looking at different angles, different imagination, you will discover many new forms of stalactites for yourself.

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