Bicycle Hire Experience in Halong

Halong - the beautiful seaside city of Quang Ninh is a very interesting tourist destination of our country. Every year the city welcomes millions of visitors to visit and experience.

Everything about Tourist Car Rental in Halong

Have you had any plans for this special holiday in summer yet? What about the journey experience with the tour in Halong, that is an interesting idea. Halong Bay can be considered as a land of wonderful paradise with shimmering, illusory scenery in harmony with beautiful nature and majesty of thousands of islands and islets undulating on the blue sea.

Enjoy the first moments of a day on Halong Bay

Honored as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is increasingly attracting many tourists. The mystery and majesty of Halong has made many visitors exciting before the sparkling beauty of the bay. Coming to Halong, visitors will be surprised by the harmony of the sky and clouds and mountains, all create a beautiful natural scene.

Things Should Know about Swimming in Halong Bay

Halong Tour is a very interesting and unique journey for those who want to experience exciting activities in the sea. Halong Bay has blue sea water that can look to the bottom, the air and the scene is cool, spacious. Therefore, Halong in four seasons attracts tourists to visit and experience. One of the most attractive experiences in Halong Bay today is swimming, relaxing with clear blue water. Let's explore this interesting activity!

Bai Tu Long Travel Experience

Bai Tu Long Bay is a familiar destination of domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Ha Long. The attraction of this bay is the most pristine, natural environment, nature creates the most miraculous things for this place that are hidden behind many interesting legends of this place. Follow us to better understand Bai Tu Long and have a wonderful journey.

Top Hotels with Luxury Swimming Pools in Halong

Coming to Halong, visitors not only admire the wonderful beauty of natural wonder in the world, but also have the chace to relax in the most luxurious hotels and immerse in the ecstatic swimming pool here. Below is the top luxury hotels owning the best swimming pools.

3 Must-Try Activities in Halong City

Many people referring to Quang Ninh will simply think that this is where nature has given so many wonderful scenery that the whole world admire and honor. However, not only that, Halong City is also an ideal place for fun activities, visiting, relaxation as any tourist city.

5 experiences for your Halong tour

After the movie Kong: Kull Island with the beautiful Halong scenery, many visitors have felt that this tourist attraction is extremely attractive. If your family or friends travel Halong this summer, explore the legendary beautiful Halong in the most innovative way.

Visiting Halong Bay from Hanoi for 2 days

With these ideas about Halong travel below, you can have a 2-day tour in Halong to fully watch its beauty.

Visiting Cat Ba island by motorbikes

Cat Ba Island is located in the southeast of Hai Phong City. It is an ideal place for people to travel, because it converges many elements for a memorable trip.

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