a�?Snail streeta�? in Halong city


Halong is famous for the diversified kinds of sea food, including many kinds of sea snails. Enjoying the snails in the common restaurants with the private aroma and interest is also a good choice. One of the most popular places of visitors is the “snail street”.

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Where is the “snail street”?

“Snail street” is the name many guests call Bui Thi Xuan street (Hong Hai ward, Halong city). This street is very crowded, especially in winter. In the past, this street has many stalls, restaurants extending to the start of the street. According to the owners, they have sold in this street for a long time, since 2005-2006. At first, they just serve the students, habitants of the streets, so the reasonable prices are the main norm. Due to the delicious and various foods, the snail foods here are more and more loved by the guests.

What is interesting?

The outstanding point of this street is the plentiful menus of snail, there are usually 15-20 kinds of snails, even over 30 kinds depending on each season. Here, the snails are always available, from the popular kinds to the high-end, special kinds. Come to this street, you can have the chance to enjoy many delicious and strange snail dishes with the various processing methods.

In the “snail street”, each restaurant has its own secret to make the aroma so special, from storing to processing. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, the chef of Son Beo restaurant share that: To have a fresh and delicious snail dishes, the cook must order the ingredients from the previous day, and go to the market from early morning to gather the goods, select the fresh and delicious snails. Many people think that sea snails don’t need preliminary processing. However, the sea snails are also need to be removed grits and the unused snails. Some must be washed like arca, oyster. Besides, sea snails also need to be preliminary processed, washed, etc. They must use the clean sea water to keep the aroma and the snails fresh for long time.

They must use the clean sea water to keep the aroma and the snails fresh for long time

Because the snails here are always fresh, they are simply processed like grill, steam, boil, etc. Besides, each restaurant has a way of process, as well as the private flavor, secret to make the attraction for the street. Processing the snail is not so sophisticated but it requires the subtle skill, especially needing to pay attention to the fire degree. The time of grill, boil, steam must also be enough to keep the typical taste and smell of sea snails.

Snail sauce is mixed so delicious by the restaurants. This sauce is mixed by the sugar boiled down and added the spices like ginger, citronella, chilli sauce, lemon leaves. The snail sauce is viscous, aromatic and remains in the snails. The kinds of side vegetables must also ensure the sanitation, bring the guests the most delicious dishes getting the true aroma of sea snails.

Snail sauce

A plus to this “snail street” is that the prices are very reasonable. The snail dish in this street is 30-70 thousand VND per dish. Especially, there are some dishes with the prices from 100 to 200 thousand VND. Many visitors like the feeling to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere, watch the line of people or feel the cold of winter to enjoy the hot dishes consisting of the taste of sea, the smell of citronella, the spicy taste of chilli sauce.

There are many kinds of snails, all are aromatic, delicious but each kind has each private aroma, a private way of enjoying, etc. Sitting on the beach, talking and eating snails with friends are the very interesting activities in Halong city. This street can bring visitors some great experience and the relaxing moment with friends and family.

Talking and eating snails with friends are the very interesting activities in Halong city

Coming here, guests will not only enjoy the all the special food of Halong city, but also mix with the cuisine space of this land. That will help the foreign visitors have the great moment about life and have more memories about their interesting travel.